Penny goes to some amazing places
From Japanese auto show, new Toyota sports cruiser looks like a lowered 200 series

On that occasion where sponsorship works lol!
When too much right foot is not always your friend
We are keeping busy with all the new 4x4 releases.
Best kind of sign..
Looking for your nearest Ironman 4x4 Distributor, its as easy as a couple quick clicks, jump onto our Find a store on our website

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Have you conquered the Simpson desert?
We are excited that the Simpson is Open, Make sure you plan you trip and carry everything you need. Mt Dare is the best place to start or a fantastic pub to finish at.
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Ironman 4x4 Simpson Desert Trip Teaser

Australia's Simpson Desert - an Iconic trip for all four wheel drivers. It offers remoteness, harshness and and the perfect product testing ground. Join us f...

Heading out in your 4WD? Have you got your basic recovery kit? If you get stuck and need a hand, make sure you have your own gear. Nothing worse than having to recovery someone else and use your own gear....

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Ironman 4x4 Small Recovery Kit

Don't get stuck! Complying with Australia Standards and field tested for real-life recovery situations. Kit includes 9m 8000kg snatch strap, two 4.7 bow shac...

A flat tyre is never fun but hopefully a simple tyre repair kit can get you back on the road quickly. These are great for off road and for emergency repairs.
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Ironman 4x4 Tyre Repair Kit

Ensure you're never stuck on the tracks with a puncture again! Ironman 4x4 tyre repair kit includes 30 repair cords, tools carry case and digital tyre gauge....

Penny has the new season of Top of Down Under underway.
Some amazing tracks listed here. I have done a few of them, need more time out of the office and more 4wding

Australia's Toughest 4WD Tracks - Hema Maps
Anyone looking for these?