Prasanna Tantri, Senior Associate Director, Centre for Analytical Finance at ISB, spoke on the efficiency of the MGNREGA programme in a debate with Loksabha TV. He said, ‘We are not making any value judgenemnt on MGNREGA what we are saying that this cost of skilled workers of factories leaving their jobs and joing MGNREGA is very dangerous from a long term point view’. [ Link ]

लोक मंच : पड़ताल मनरेगा की (09/01/2017)

लोक मंच : पड़ताल मनरेगा की Lok Manch :

Registrations are now open for Leadership Programme in Infrastructure Management [ Link ]

The design and delivery of the LIM is a collaborative effort of the Indian School of Business’s Centre for Executive Education and the Punj Lloyd Institute of Infrastructure Management at ISB.

Programme starts February 18, 2017
Last date for Application - January 18, 2017

ISB Executive Education - Leadership Programme in Infrastructure Management
Commenting on the possible scenario of Mistry’s winning the vote from the Tata Group shareholders’ on his directorship today, Prof Ramachandran says “Tata sons will have no option left but to take the legal recourse to remove him from the board of companies. Such a scenario may lead to a divided board which is not in the interest of the larger stakeholders of the company’’. [ Link ]

Possible scenarios for Tata Sons, Mistry as shareholders begin to vote from today
President Pranab Mukherjee and Union Human Resource Development Minister Prakash Javadekar attend Indian School of Business' 15th anniversary [ Link ]

By 2030 India To Have Largest Population Of Youth
ISB alumnus Purnota Dutta Bahl talks about the journey that led her to start Cuddles Foundation and how her foundation is working to improve the health of children affected by cancer. [ Link ]

Nutrition for the needy
Professor Kavil Ramachandran speaks on why family businesses face problems in hiring external professionals and how the problem can be curbed. He says a major reason is that the person who is moving out does not articulate the kind of leader who is expected to take over the next phase of growth.[ Link ]

Why Do Family Businesses Face Hiccups in Having a Professional Leadership Team?
Professor Amit Nandkeolyar comments about companies facing mass resignations across sectors. He says "Companies need to look inwards and incorporate practices that make people proud to work for them," says Nandkeolyar. "Employees should be respected and treated fairly, they should be mentored and cared for and allowed to have a voice." [ Link ]

Coping with Loss- Business News
Professor Siddharth Singh comments on the brand experience of Samsung after the recent Galaxy 7 note crisis. He says, “Samsung has recalled its problematic products, which was necessary. However, it needs to do more to engage with its customers to explain the issues and reassure them that it remains focussed on product quality,”. [ Link ]

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 fires: Check out the explosive story
Professor Arun Pereira explains why the best of strategies are unlikely to succeed without the support of an appropriate organizational culture, in start-ups [ Link ]

Culture Eats Strategy for Breakfast
Companies like Flipkart and Ola are struggling to raise funds at peak valuations. Professor DVR Seshadri suggests that the only option for them is to innovate and go back to their boot strapping days.’ Read his views here - [ Link ]

Flipkart, Ola struggle to raise funds at peak valuations
Professor Arun Pereira writes an article on the importance on focusing on customer journeys rather than customer transactions, and that "there are no traffic jams in the extra mile you go for the customer". Read the article - [ Link ]

For those going the extra mile
Demonetization represents a possible shift in Indian politics; from ‘vote buying’ to ‘clientelism’ and presents an important lesson for political parties.Prof. Subramanian writes on #Demonetisation. [ Link ]

Demonetisation won't clean Indian politics; only the nature of vote-buying will change. Read why
Leadership Programmes for Top Management [ Link ]

Choose the one that suits your learning needs.

ISB Executive Education Programmes in India
Registrations are now open for the programme: Managing Complexity for driving Organisational Success [ Link ]

Managing Complexity – this three day programme will focus on how to deconstruct facets of complexity, and find ways to deal with them as Managers. It will help us answer questions like – “What is complexity in Management?”; “How can we identify it and keep it from overwhelming...
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ISB Executive Education - Managing Complexity for Driving Organisational Success
Registrations are now open for the programme - Advanced Marketing Analytics [ Link ]

The purpose of the AMA programme is to appreciate the multifaceted role of data-driven strategies in digital marketing.

ISB Executive Education - Advanced Marketing Analytics
Registrations are now open for the programme - Integrating Marketing and Sales: From Conflict to Collaboration [ Link ]

The programme will help Sales and Marketing leaders not only re-energise their roles to better serve today’s smart customers, but also develop a deeper appreciation for each other’s roles, challenges and value. Participants will learn and practice field-tested...
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ISB Executive Education - Integrating Marketing and Sales: From Conflict to Collaboration
LetsIgnite, India's largest Angel Conference, is back. This year we're kicking things off with the LetsIgnite Roadshow : Angel workshops in 11 cities across India with 200+ investors. We are heading to Hyderabad on 25 November 2016 and we'd love to meet you there.

We are excited to welcome first generation serial entrepreneur and marquee investor Sanjay Mehta, who will lead the Hyderabad...
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LetsIgnite Roadshow Registration
ISB professor Krishnamurthy Subramanian and his co-authors examine the change in the value of innovative assets of a private, innovative firm with its intellectual property rights and its technological expertise. #ISBInsight #ISBFaculty [ Link ]
In a hyper competitive market, having a great idea is just not enough. Envision brings you the opportunity to interact with the brightest minds at ISB to unlock your star-up's silver bullet.
Visit [ Link ] for more details. Last date to apply December 31, 2016