Kgothalo snaps at Rajesh, and he puts her in her place. It's not his fault her husband doesn't appreciate what he has. #Isidingo
Tonight, Lincoln's life hangs in the balance! Will he be sent to prison for the rest of his life? #WillLincolnFall #ShouldLincolnFall #Isidingo
Poor Angelique vents to Eddie. She realises that she was just used. She should have saw it coming. The man rarely ever stays with the side chick. Right? #Sidechickchronicles #Isidingo
Rajesh learns along with Angelique that Tyson has left for Geneva for good. We all know what this means for Angie, but what does it mean for Rajesh? #Isidingo
Kgothalo begs Tyson not to walk away, but he leaves anyway. #Isidingo
Make sure you grab that latest copy! #BonaMag Makgotso M #Isidingo
Gabriel is annoyed when S'khumbuzo dishes out some business advice. Will these two ever get along? #GabbyandSkhumba #Isidingo
Tyson gives Kgothalo an unexpected ultimatum. He is leaving for Geneva for good, and demands that she join him. Will she accept? #Isidingo
Human rights are for all of us, all the time. Whoever we are and wherever we are from. No matter our class, our opinions or sexual orientation. #HumanRightsDay #Isidingo
This week on #Isidingo
Tyson gives Kgothalo an unexpected ultimatum, Aphiwe tells Obakeng that she loves him and his response is wanting to see Kamogelo and Lincoln's fate is decided. Will he fall for good? #WillLincolnFall
Papa G finds Obakeng staring at the wall, unable to speak. Has the trauma been too much for him to cope? #Isidingo
Gabriel tells Nikiwe to hit the road. Is there trouble in paradise already? #Isidingo
All round shock at Obakeng's return, Nina asks for space and privacy and sends everyone home including Aphiwe. #Isidingo
Tyson realizes that his and Kgothalo's life may all have been a facade. But what does this mean for their marriage? Will Tyson be running straight into the arms of Angie? #LoveTriangle #Isidingo
Barker tries to entice Ben with a position at HI. It seems eveybody wants a piece of Ben. #BenDlamini #Isidingo
The memorial service begins #Obakeng #IsObakengreallygone #Isidingo
Nikiwe offers Benjamin a position at Sibeko Gold! Wonder how Gabriel will react after hearing this. #Isidingo
Aphiwe manages to infuriate Nina and alienates herself by bringing Calvin around. This brings Kamogelo closer to Nina. #Isidingo
Angelique tries to make herself seen by Tyson. Kgothalo picks up that Angelique smells trouble in her marriage. Can Tyson just choose already! #LoveTriangle #TeamA #TeamK #Isidingo
Nina's memorial request is refused by the church. She is devastated and angered further. Do churches have the right to turn you away just because of your Surname? #Zamdela #Isidingo