Georgie gate crashes Nkadimeng's departure and stops her from leaving. He admits that Nkadimeng has captured his heart! #Isidingo
Zukisa misses romance in her life and is ready to find love! #Isidingo
Lincoln's family invade his home to perform a ritual making Lincoln extremely nervous. Do you think it will help? #Isidingo
Nkadimeng feels it's time for her to go home and stop interfering in Kamogelo's life. #Isidingo
Nina warns Kamogelo not to get any ideas and try to seduce her son again. #Isidingo
Barker and Tyson pick out an inspector that may be ripe for bribery. One step closer to bringing SG down! #Isidingo
Obakeng takes a firm stand with Nina and she doesn't like it. #Isidingo
Morongwa agrees to lodge a complaint against SG. #Isidingo
Sechaba asks Morongwa questions about her new money. #Isidingo
Lerato and Sechaba are suspicious of Morongwa's cash flush status. #Isidingo
Morongwa continues to flaunt her new found 'wealth'. #Isidingo
Morongwa continues to flaunt her new found 'wealth', Lincoln's family invades his home to perform a traditional ritual and Kamo decides to go on a diet. All this and more this week on #Isidingo
Rajesh still wants answers but Kgothalo feels she owes him none. #Isidingo
Gabriel learns Matlala went over his head to Georgie. #Isidingo
Kgothalo tells Barker and Rajesh exactly how things are going to go down. They can take it or leave it. #Isidingo
Georgie just won't let Nkadimeng get away. #Isidingo
S'khu comes to Morongwa bearing gifts from Barker and Tyson. #Isidingo
Nikiwe receives a gift from a blast from the past. Who could it be? #Isidingo
Gabriel starts stealing gold. Georgie won't be happy if he had to find out! #Isidingo
Kamogelo tries to reach out to Aphiwe but Aphiwe is still cold towards her. #Isidingo