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Imagine a Winter without the warmth of your home, food and clothing. Yes, it's terrifying.

Winter Kills.

Save Families NOW --> bitly.com/SaveLayla
A Pakistan International Airlines flight with 48 people on board has crashed in the north of the country. We, at Islamic Relief pray that Allah gives the families of those on the plane the strength to bear this loss. Ameen #PIA661
We just recieved the tragic news of the passing of Junaid Jamshed in a plane crash in Pakistan today.

We are saddened to report that Junaid Jamshed has passed away -


“We don’t have anything with us. We left everything. My husband was killed, and we left him there. We spent four days sheltering from the bombing and moving from village to village before we were brought to Debaga camp. Before this we had a quiet and stable life with our families.

Now life has become difficult because without my husband I’m responsible for every...
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Your package reflects the most urgent needs of refugees and families in the Middle East and Central Asia. Winter Kills.

SMS 'WINTER' to 0438 444 440 to donate a #Survival Pack worth $60
Imam zaid shakir blacktown lecture
Winter Kills.


The Winter experience for Refugees is terrifying. We've supported thousands of families in our journey to alleviate their suffering.

Children and toddlers sleep on the ground, parents have no option but to limit the food being provided for their families. This is not the way to live.

Our Winter Packs don't only cover essentials, it's an act of humanity .... so that a family...
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As we enter the final month of the year, the quest of the oppressed worsens, aggravates and innocent people continue to lose families.

This is Wazera, an IDP (internally displaced persons) we recently met in Iraq.

“After one week of bombing in our village we tried moving to another (Al-Mahwoz) 15 minutes away. After that we moved to Debaga camp.

We left our homes with nothing but our ID...
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The Humanitarian Pack for Refugee Families!

Families in the Middle East and Central Asia need your help to live through the Winter. Funds are needed to ensure their survival against hunger, disease and icy winds.

Send a Pack #NOW #WinterKills
Islamic Relief joins hands with Halal Expo 2017 as a Charity Partner.

"Islamic Relief with its partners, work together to create a better world. We thank the Halal Expo for this opportunity, and we are proud to be a part of this journey."

Halal Expo Australia 2017 takes Islamic Relief Australia as Charity Partner

'Suffering is a gift. It is hidden in Mercy' - Jalaluddin Rumi
Have a splendid week! If you're having a hard time, this is an opportunity for you to grow!
Winter Kills.

Save Families NOW --> bitly.com/SaveLayla
Jum'ah Mubarak!

It's White Ribbon Day!

White Ribbon Day is a National Campaign preventing male violence against women.

Women in conflict zones are often subjected to abuse and violence. Both women and men must be empowered with skills, knowledge and education in order for our society to progress. Islamic Relief supports several programs—including a women’s shelter—that empowers survivors...
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Your package reflects the most urgent needs of refugees and families in the Middle East and Central Asia. Winter Kills.

SMS 'WINTER' to 0438 444 440 to donate a #Survival Pack worth $60
Refugees are regular people who want to live simple lives and enjoy the space of their homes. They want their children to go to school, sit in happiness and enjoy a warm meal. Like you they have dreams and do not want to worry about the war.

Simple items such as a warm clothes, socks and a bed can make a difference.

Lend a Hand, Help Refugee Families NOW --> bitly.com/SaveLayla
It's Universal Children's Day!

Islamic Relief and it's Partners have been working with children all around the globe for decades. We've worked with Orphans in Gaza, Refugees from Iraq, Villages in Niger, Schools in Kosovo, Remote Communities in Pakistan & so on!

This year, the Orphan Sponsorship Program hit 50,000 Orphans.

All thanks to you!

We are dedicated towards the empowerment of...
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This is Zahra.

Zahra escaped with her eight children from the escalating war in her home village in Syria to the Turkish-Syrian border. She now lives in a makeshift home made up of cheap materials that easily break down under rain and icy winds.

One day she woke up, and everything she owned was #destroyed flooded by the water.

Refugee Camps are scanty temporary living spaces, that can...
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In the besieged city of Aleppo, 65 civilians have already lost their lives from Tuesday.

Aleppo is burning, the crisis is escalating. A generation of children will grow traumatized by a war that continues to aggravate.

Children do not deserve to live like this. On this blessed Friday, pray for the relief of those who are living under oppression.

Six-year-old boy pulled alive from Aleppo rubble