We are approaching the 6th year of the destructive Syrian Civil-Crisis.

Millions have left their homes, schools and lives to resettle in safer grounds.

Unfortunately many refugee camps and neighbouring countries do not offer the stability and comfort one would have in their own homes.

We are working to provide refugees a sense of belonging, comfort and relief.

We do this by providing...
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Sister Ramia Sultan will be speaking this Friday at The Family Program Dinner Launch.

Ramia Sultan is a Solicitor practicing under Hills Legal Group and has experience in Family Law, Wills, Probate and Estate Planning.

Interested in coming? Get your tickets here! bit.ly/FamilyProgramAu

The Family Program - Ramia A Sultan - YouTube

'So exalt the name of your Lord, the Most Great.' - al-Waqiah @alhamdulillaharts
Send life-saving Emergency Packs to active conflicts and Emergency-Struck communities.

We respond to Emergencies at the moments notice.

Stand with those who need you Now.

The Amazing Race for Syria is back and is taking place in 12 days!


Play in teams against one another in a tournament to become first - while you're donating to the Syrian Emergency Fund!

Cause! Save The Date; 5th March! Spots are running out so get registering NOW!
Watch the Amazing trailer for our Short Film to be premiered this Friday at our Program Launch featuring Rahaf Ahmed and Sam Granzooy!

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Psychologists Zena Nikro and Gemma Stephens discuss the importance of addressing psychological needs in the local community.

They will be speaking at the Family Program Launch this Friday!

Join Us this Friday @ Sydney's Fairfield Star Palace for dinner and speeches by Shaykh Bilal Dannoun, Lawyer Ramia Sultan, Doctor Susan Rees and many more!
** The Family Program Trailer **

Join us THIS Friday @ Sydney's Fairfield Star Palace for dinner and speeches by Shaykh Bilal Dannoun, Lawyer Ramia Sultan, Doctor Susan Rees, Psychologist Zena Nikro, Shaykh Khamis, Psychologist Gemma Stephens and many more!

We're giving out 5 free tickets to the first 5 people to comment, like and share this post!

Islamic Relief Australia introduces The...
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Check out our Amazing Volunteers at last weeks Halal Expo of 2017! This year IRAUS pariticipated as a Charity Partner in the Halal Expo!
You wake up one day to the sharp sounds of bombs and missiles .. You feel the ground tremor and the walls of your home shake. Your mother looks at you, and in her eyes you know you have no option but to leave.

Three years later you are living in one of most-populated refugee camps of Jordan, with thousands of other refugee families.

Basic necessities such as clean water, food, towels,...
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Jummah Mubarak
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The Family Program is launching in less than 10 days!

Watch the Trailer here!

Purchase your tickets @ bit.ly/FamilyProgramAu

The Family Program Trailer

The treacherous cold of winter is universal, however, the lack of simple items and warmth makes winter a battle of survival.

Islamic Relief Supports 210,000 Individuals Across Three Countries This Winter | Islamic Relief Australia

Do you know what happens when disaster strikes thousands?

Islamic Relief Australia (IRAUS) provides emergency relief at the moment's notice. In developing countries, war, natural disaster and famine all lead to the fatal consequences of death, displacement and loss.

Be there when the disaster strikes. Reach out to those begging for help.

Will you be there to save them?

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Jummah Mubarak

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Islamic Relief CEO Naser Haghamed talks about the importance of Islamic Finance and how it can fight global inequity with The Huffington Post.

'The principles behind Islamic finance, such as the right for all people to enjoy a minimum standard of living, and ethical limitations to what is in the public interest, have the potential to help address many of the underlying causes of global...
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Islamic Relief Australia welcomes a new chapter of engaging, instructive & influential family-oriented services & workshops for the vibrant and growing Sydney Community.

We kindly invite you to the dinner launch of the Family Services Program at 7pm on Friday the 24th of February at the Star Palace - 15A Railway Parade, Fairfield NSW.

The Family Service Program is a big step for the Sydney...
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Cut The Silence - The Family Program - Islamic Relief AU

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#Cancer is a disease without borders. This #WorldCancerDay your support is helping us to step up the treatment of childhood cancer across Africa at the new #NelsonMandelaChildrensHospital cutting-edge oncology centre.

Doctors are now being recruited at the centre in South Africa where the first patients will be welcomed later this year. See how your support has funded the $7.7m...
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Today marks World Cancer Day!

We have launched the new Nelson Mandela Children’s Hospital Oncology unit to care for children across southern Africa
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We're proud to reveal that Islamic Relief has been been ranked in the top 20 NGOs worldwide.

Read the full article here!

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Islamic Relief in Top 20 of world’s 500 leading NGOs | Islamic Relief UK