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Amid concerns over losing #HealthCare, a newly approved IRUSA grant will offer some relief in #NorthCarolina. IRUSA is supporting a clinic that will provide #free health care for hundreds of low-income residents this year.

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#IDidntAsk to lose my father.

Suleekha is 7 and lost her father when she was just 2 years old. She was brought up in this tent in #Somalia. Her grandmother takes care of her because her mother is very ill. Suleekha deserves to have the love of her parents and feel protected.
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Islamic Relief USA proudly sponsors a #VocationalEducation program at Dar Al-Hijrah in Virginia. This year Naeem was there to say thank you for letting us take part in this program.

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Thank you Dar Al-Hijrah for making Islamic Relief part of the sewing program - Islamic Relief USA
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#Fear is necessary. It is fear that activates the brain’s fight-or-flight response to danger, ensuring that every available avenue for survival is explored, every resource allocated, every effort exhausted. Fear is functional. It is fear that brings to fore what we truly care about, or at the very least care about losing.

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This week B.C. Dodge & R. Mordant Mahon welcome Naser Haghamed, CEO of Islamic Relief Worldwide . Naser has travelled across 35 countries to help deliver aid where it is needed the most. He shares his insights with our listeners.
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Something's been cooking at IRUSA...
It makes its debut to the!

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Everywhere: #HairCuts4Syria

These two are back at it again!
This time they are sharing an important message...kind of -
#IDidntAsk to live in a tent city.

This is the living condition in the #HarshamCamp in Erbil, #Iraq. Many of the people living in this camp are from #Mosul, Iraq. They have been in the camp for over a year, fleeing from the violence in their cities. This is what winter looks like in a refugee camp. She deserves a safe place to live that is warm and comfortable.
IRUSA staff was interviewed by ProMosaik on the strategies to cope with #poverty, in particular if it concerns #children and #women, the most vulnerable components of #Muslim societies

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In this episode of "What a Relief!", B.C. Dodge & R. Mordant Mahon welcome two special guests: Scott and Joe from Veterans for American Ideals.

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“What A Relief” Podcast 52: Continuing to Uphold American Ideals
#IDidntAsk to leave my school behind.

Qais lives in a camp in Erbil, #Iraq. He’s from the city of Mosul and fled from the violence that was happening there. He goes to school inside the camp and is in 5th grade. Qais deserves to go to a real school, one that is not inside of a refugee camp trailer.
IRUSA staff writes on Mediaplanet USA on how hunger in the fog of #war and #violence in #SouthSudan, the #women who remain at home with their families find a much-needed answer by organizing around agriculture.

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This week on What a Relief! #Podcast, B.C. Dodge & R. Mordant Mahon welcome none other than YouTube comedy sensation, TazzyPhe .

Tazzy has been harnessing her comedic power for good since her career took off in 2011, realizing that approaching serious topics with humor can actually make them more accessible. And she goes to great lengths to...
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#IdidntAskTo be a refugee.
#IdidntAskTo leave my home.
#IdidntAskTo flee from violence.
#IdidntAskTo live in a tent city.
#IdidntAskTo be soaked in winter.
#IdidntAskTo leave my toys.

#Refugees around the world are not refugees because they want to be. They have no other choice but to leave their home. Many don't get the chance to take their belongings. They journey ahead is often harder than...
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The IRUSA CEO, on Jan. 29, denounced the executive order preventing entry into the #UnitedStates for people from seven countries and Refugee Admissions Program (#USRAP).

Islamic Relief USA has been working to provide humanitarian aid for refugees around the world since its beginning in 1993. In the United States, IRUSA volunteers assisted refugees from #Kosovo as they resettled in the late...
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#Cancer is a disease without borders. This #WorldCancerDay your support is helping us to step up the treatment of childhood cancer across Africa at the new #NelsonMandelaChildrensHospital cutting-edge oncology centre. Doctors are now being recruited at the centre in South Africa where the first patients will be welcomed later this year. See how your support has funded the $7.7m (£6.1m/110ZAR)...
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VA: Skate for Syria

Join IRUSA on March 24th in #Reston VA for #SkateForSyria

Can't be there? Here are other ways to help -

Become A Fund Raiser: Gather your friends, family, school, or community and create a team on [ Link ] and raise funds for Syria. You can raise funds however you want, BE CREATIVE! Ask for a flat donation, donations for every lap, or perhaps whenever you fall down. Have fun with it!...
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