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SkipMarley meets the Island family, happy days! ????????
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Congratulations to Brittany Butler, winner of our #BackToBlack10 covers competition with The Amy Winehouse Foundation!!
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You like music… you’re a gamer…have we got something for you!

Music at Insomnia60
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RITUAL are back with 'Exit' - check out the trailer for their new project 'No Escape Out Of Time'...
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Did someone say 'Vinyltine's Day'!? Probably not, but The Weeknd's 'STARBOY' is now available on vinyl
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We'd like to introduce you to Sigrid, a remarkable young talent from a tiny town in Norway. Get to know her with first track 'Don't Kill My Vibe' and get as excited as we are!
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Want to get your hands on on some classic Island Records vinyl? Know the title of Amy Winehouse's debut album? Click here to win a selection of our amazing catalogue: [ Link ]
Tom Prior's amazing acoustic rooftop performance of 'Looks Like Rain'... taken from the unplugged version of his 360° EP, 'The Sunday Scene'. Check out the full video here: [ Link ]
Flyte are back with an intimate video for brand new track 'Echoes' - expect to hear plenty more from them this year. Take us to Church boys!
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Celebrating the legendary Bob Marley's birthday with a vintage demix of ‘Sun Is Shining’ from Flash Mob Jazz
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Happy birthday Bob Marley, who would have been 72 today! Amazingly, some lost recordings of the legendary artist have just been discovered and restored...!

‘Spine-tingling’ lost Bob Marley tapes restored after 40 years in a cellar
“I don’t really think about how I want to be perceived by people. They have their own projections. I just want them to see me as a fighter for good. A love warrior.” - SkipMarley's 'Lions' is available now: [ Link ]
Cosima's "staking out her own space in British music with the sort of deeply personal songwriting that can make you wince at its intimacy" - shout out Noisey

Burrow Deep in Your Feelings to Cosima's New Single "To Build a House" - Noisey
Introducing a brand new signing to Island, SkipMarley!
‘Lions’ drops tomorrow, stay tuned… ????
Last chance to enter the #BackToBlack10 competition with Amy Winehouse Foundation - show us your cover Back To Black cover version at [ Link ]
Instagrammers - have you voted yet? If you haven't already, vote for the supremely talented JP Cooper to win #MTVBrandNew for 2017 here! [ Link ]
"Like humans, our canine friends have their own individual music preferences” - shout out Professor Neil Evans at Glasgow University
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Dogs love reggae (and soft rock), according to new study