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It's our birthday! 70 years ago, ISO came into being. Our story began with 25 countries in post-war 1947... today, we are 162 countries!
Learn our story and how far we have come ➡ [ Link ]

Help us celebrate #ISO70years!
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Chain of custody standards in the pipeline with new ISO committee recently formed

Enhancing traceability with a new ISO project committee
02/13/2017. Facebook
Safe bunkering of LNG-fuelled ships with new ISO standard.

New ISO standard for the safe bunkering of LNG-fuelled ships
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How is technology helping the aircraft of the future to take flight? [ Link ]
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The impact of climate change will be catastrophic unless we take action now.
ISO is collaborating globally to develop solutions. Find out which ones can help YOUR organization to join the fight

Climate change - ISO Standards in action
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Good governance helps organizations to succeed. A new ISO committee is developing standards to help organizations achieve their core purpose.

New committee on organizational governance
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Measuring quantities and units accurately is the aim of a series of standards currently under revision.

Making it all add up - International Standards for quantities and units...
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Did you know ICAO - International Civil Aviation Organization and ISO are working together for the future of aviation?

ICAOʼs flight plan takes off (2017-01-10) - ISO
01/20/2017. Facebook
How did standards contribute to making the Solar Impulse dream come true?

Making dreams fly: the Solar Impulse story (2017-01-10) - ISO
01/19/2017. Facebook
What will the aircraft of the future look like?

How technology is shaping our skies (2017-01-10) - ISO
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Have you ever wished for a better airport experience while traveling? Standards will make sure they meet your needs

The future of airports (2017-01-10) - ISO
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Take off with the latest issue of ISOfocus to learn about some of the latest trends in aviation

ISOfocus flies high in the latest issue on aviation
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ISO 19011 for auditing management systems is under revision and has reached a crucial stage.

Taking auditing to new level with International Standard under revision
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Happy New Year everyone! Thank you for being part of the ISO community. Looking forward to 2017! Stay connected for the latest updates from the ISO world.
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Let's start 2017 full of hope

An ideal world
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It's 2017! Dare to dream big

Dare to dream big
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Getting ready to party? An oldie but goodie ;)

Party ISO-style!
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Are you planning a dinner to celebrate the New Year? Make sure to avoid food fraud ➨ [ Link ] #fakesunsafe
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Enjoy festive treats and meals with confidence, ISO dentistry standards will come to the rescue when you need them ;)
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You simply can’t be too careful when it comes to information security.

How to measure the effectiveness of information security