Isuzu South Africa
02/24/2017 at 11:23. Facebook
Whether you’re saving lives, doing the heavy lifting or taking on an off-road challenge, you can rely on a KB as these #FanFriday pics show.
Isuzu South Africa
02/24/2017 at 11:20. Facebook
Look out Cape Town, the Blue Bulls are heading your way! #MadeFromReal
Isuzu South Africa
02/22/2017 at 10:48. Facebook
Even the biggest humps are no match for the Isuzu KB. How’s your week going? #HumpDay #MadeFromReal
A) On cruise control
B) An uphill battle
Isuzu South Africa
02/20/2017 at 11:06. Facebook
February might be the shortest month but the KB Single Cab still works twice as hard. #MadeFromReal #HardWork #mondaymotivation
These fans put our vehicles to the ultimate test in tough conditions in this week #FanFriday feature. Show us how you push the limits?
If fortune favours the bold, you can't go wrong in new-look Isuzu KB. Bigger, better and bolder than ever. #MadeFromReal #neverlookedsogood
Happy Valentine’s Day Isuzu fans! Tag that special someone you’d love to share an adventure with. #MadeFromReal
The Isuzu KB. No time for time wasters. #mondaymotivation #MadeFromReal #testdrive #WorkHard
It takes hard work to reap the rewards of a good harvest and these are the people who bring more to the table each year. #farming #FanFriday
Pause the GIF to find your perfect match. Or, don’t leave it up to fate and visit [ Link ] to compare models #MonthOfLove
The new-look Isuzu KB Single Cab has the power to motivate and deliver. Click like if you agree. #mondaymotivation #MadeFromReal
Weekends never looked so good, so let the adventures begin! Send us your best #weekendadventure, #FanFriday pics. #MadeFromReal
We know you're fans but we think of you more as our friends, all 95,725 of you! Happy #Facebookfriendsday
The new-look Isuzu KB Double Cab was meticulously designed to be perfectly balanced and aerodynamically efficient. #MadeFromReal #Design
New week. New Goals. With the new-look Isuzu KB, new beginnings have never looked so good. #mondaymotivation #MadeFromReal
The ever industrious KB was designed for the daily grind! Show us how your Isuzu gets things done. #FanFriday #dailygrind #workweek
A little dirt doesn’t hurt. Do your part to save water, and share this message. #savewater #waterrestrictions #MadeFromReal.
Real versatility means having easy access to storage space. That's why four doors are better than two, don't you think? #MadeFromReal
The Isuzu KB loves a real challenge. Can you tell what all these #fanfriday pics have in common? #MadeFromReal
The newly integrated reverse camera is so subtle you might not notice it. Click like if you’ve spotted it. #MadeFromReal #neverlookedsogood