Isuzu South Africa
yesterday at 12:30. Facebook
The Isuzu KB loves a real challenge. Can you tell what all these #fanfriday pics have in common? #MadeFromReal
Isuzu South Africa
01/18/2017 at 09:52. Facebook
The newly integrated reverse camera is so subtle you might not notice it. Click like if you’ve spotted it. #MadeFromReal #neverlookedsogood
Isuzu South Africa
01/16/2017 at 10:56. Facebook
You don't have to be a real machine to drive one. With a Single Cab payload of 1174kgs, heavy lifting never looked so good.#mondaymotivation
From roof racks and bull bars to steel canopies and sport bars, this #FanFriday is all about accessories. Show us what you've got!
Now that's a magnificent beast (and a horse). We absolutely love this #FanFriday pic, send us yours. #neverlookedsogood
It’s the start of a new year, a time for reflections and resolutions. How will you get real in 2017? #newyearsreslutions #MadeFromReal
Whether you’re living the dream or back to reality we hope it’s been a great start to 2017! Which seat are you in?
A) Holiday
B) Work
A new year never looked so good so load up 2017 and go! Happy New Year South Africa. #2017 #NewYear #MadeFromReal
It’s all about broad horizons and magic moments when you hit the open road. We want to see your most epic #roadtrip pics. #FanFriday
Cruise Control maintains a constant speed and reduces fuel consumption. What speed is most efficient for your Isuzu?
A) 60
B) 80
C) 100
With Roadside Assistance from Isuzu, nothing can ruin your holiday adventure. #MadeFromReal
Happy #FanFriday Isuzu fans! What’s on your wish list this year? #giftguide #MadeFromReal #festiveseason
Every family has their own traditions. What are yours? #festiveseason #MadeFromReal
Don't forget about your trusty KB this festive season! Treat your Isuzu to a service with Complete Care. [ Link ]
Our bakkies don’t take a day off, but we do hope you enjoy yours! #FanFriday #dayofreconciliation #MadeFromReal
The in-your-face front-end design of the new-look LX is more striking than ever before, don't you think? #neverlookedsogood #MadeFromReal
Like, love or wow? Let us know whether you prefer the Single Cab, Extended Cab or Double Cab new-look Isuzu KB. #Chooseday #MadeFromReal
These fans sure know how to enjoy life with an Isuzu! Post a pic to show us what you're getting up to this weekend. #FanFriday
REAL style leaves a lasting impression. What do you think of the KB's new look? #MadeFromReal
These ladies really showed the boys how it’s done at the South African National Parks, 4X4 eco trail, putting our Isuzu KB's to test in muddy conditions! Wild Card Magazine #MafunyaneWildWomen Women on Wheels