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Isuzu South Africa
12/05/2016 at 08:40. Facebook
These ladies really showed the boys how it’s done at the South African National Parks, 4X4 eco trail, putting our Isuzu KB's to test in muddy conditions! Wild Card Magazine #MafunyaneWildWomen Women on Wheels
Isuzu South Africa
12/02/2016 at 09:37. Facebook
This #FanFriday is dedicated to a rare breed, yes it's the special edition X-Rider! Thanks for all the pics and keep them coming. #MadeFromReal
Isuzu South Africa
12/01/2016 at 08:41. Facebook
There’s something about December that makes us nostalgic. Which iconic Isuzu model is your favourite? #ThrowbackThursday #1December
Isuzu South Africa
11/28/2016 at 11:58. Facebook
On a scale of 1 to 5 (1: not for me - 5: Love it!) what do you think of the interior features on the new-look LX models?

Isuzu South Africa

Send us your pics with a creative caption and we’ll turn the best one into our next #FanFriday category. Have a great weekend Isuzu fans!
What equipment do you consider essential for off-road adventures? #MadeFromReal #4X4 #IsuzuKB
It's almost time for the great holiday migration! Where will you be heading this holiday season? #MadeFromReal #mondaymotivation
Forget something old and something new, for this couple, only 11 Isuzu bakkies would do! Send us a pic and tell us why you should be featured on #FanFriday.

This farming couple rejects fancy limo, uses fleet of bakkies for their wedding

Sharing is caring in the Isuzu family. Suggest a place to get away on weekends and who knows, you might just find your new favourite spot this #humpday.
With ample storage space and real interior comfort, we think the new-look Isuzu KB Double Cab is the ultimate getaway vehicle. What do you think? #MadeFromReal
The Vet Books for Africa team are on a #MadeFromReal mission, driving two Isuzu KB’s 11317 km across southern Africa, delivering much-needed textbooks. Follow the #vetsonamission on Twitter.
This week's #FanFriday pics demonstrate the pulling power of an Isuzu. Whether at work or play, these guys know how to get it done. Send us your pics, we'd love to feature them.
That feeling you get when you grab the keys to your Isuzu! #excited #neverlookedsogood
REAL confidence comes from knowing what you’re made. The Isuzu KB has many strengths, what’s your greatest asset?
A) Intelligence
B) Passion
C) Courage
D) Creativity
This week's #FanFriday feature is all about the art of off-road driving, and we received some awesome action shot from you guys! Keep them coming.
Whether it’s a scenic drive, a river crossing or an off-road trail, tackling terrain has never looked so good. What's your favourite place to drive? #neverlookedsogood #MadeFromReal
An uphill challenge never looked so good, thanks to Hill Start Assist in the new-look Isuzu KB. How far would you go?
Now this is what weekends were made for, open roads and the great outdoors! Keep sending those pics and you could be featured in next week's #FanFriday post.
Meet the new-look Isuzu KB LX model. Technology and design never looked so good. Let us know if you agree.

Isuzu South Africa