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“Let’s make our app viral!” - but how? Josh Elman in Medium
Hiring women in senior roles at your company is good for your business and your company's growth.
From 200K in February to 500K in September.
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i can't
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So smart. Twisted + Oreo = That Churro flavor though...
Need for speed: Almost half of all consumers expect pages to load in less than two seconds. AdExchanger
"You have multiple formats so it’s a challenge, it’s not a one-size-fits-all. That makes publishing harder today." Digiday
So much #WednesdayWisdom. ☀ Typeform
So much more than just video.
This could be v. interesting for brands.
"If the people you trust follow someone, then that someone is probably worth following too."
Tweets with video generate NINE TIMES more engagement than basic text updates. (via Social Media Today)
Video = big audiences.
"No industry has ever survived by ignoring consumer needs." Advertising Age
Good move, YouTube! via Business Insider