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blossoms at HQ celebrate the arrival of spring
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Unlock the great potential of AI to improve lives with this special edition of ITU magazine! [ Link ] ????
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Stay vigilant for new vulnerabilities and cyberattacks

Lessons from Colombia on controlling website defacement
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1.8 billion people use a contaminated source of drinking water
2.4 billion currently lack access to adequate facilities

How ICTs are creating smart water and sanitation systems
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Can we turn the revolution into a development revolution?

The digital revolution must be a development revolution for all
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Make your world happier with #SmallSmurfsBigGoals on today's Day of Happiness
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Our work will not be done until until every and has equal opportunities in this digital world.

Why women in tech matter
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1.25 million people die on the roads each year. Intelligent systems can improve road safety, but what will keep your connected car safe?
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250 million fewer than use the Internet.
200 million fewer own a phone.
Join us on #WomensDay to ensure women + girls play a leading role in tech!
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Be the face of the ITU #ICT4SDG campaign! Just share a photo of how ICTs are helping achieve the Sustainable Development Goals

Picture a more sustainable world: #ICT4SDG Photo Contest
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Top tips to celebrate Girls in ICT Day (27 April 2017) and encourage more ‍♀ to see their future in tech
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5 great ways of putting tech to work for the protection of our wildlife.
Spread the word for #WorldWildlifeDay ????

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Send in the mystery shoppers to help regulate mobile money agents !

Top 5 lessons from Zambia for ICT regulators
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Would you replace your phone with augmented reality ? This and more top tech trends for the week right here ⬇

5G performance requirements, 4G ballon masts, QR code payment system
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Over €45 billion (12.9% of total sales) lost worldwide due to fake smartphones! Check the cost of counterfeiting in your country: [ Link ]
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Digital health solutions could provide access to healthcare to 1.6 billion people by 2030. 40% of countries are yet to develop a ???? strategy.

Key ingredients to a national digital health strategy
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Is coding the next blue-collar job? Can drones pollinate crops? The latest tech round-up has got you covered.

Digital Geneva Convention, India’s record breaking satellite launch, VC funding
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5000 young digital ambassadors to boost digital literacy in Rwanda and help transform 5 million lives

Digital Ambassadors Programme accelerates digital inclusion