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Digital health solutions could provide access to healthcare to 1.6 billion people by 2030. 40% of countries are yet to develop a ???? strategy.

Key ingredients to a national digital health strategy
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Is coding the next blue-collar job? Can drones pollinate crops? The latest tech round-up has got you covered.

Digital Geneva Convention, India’s record breaking satellite launch, VC funding
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5000 young digital ambassadors to boost digital literacy in Rwanda and help transform 5 million lives

Digital Ambassadors Programme accelerates digital inclusion
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Fancy being transported by a drone? How about a VR wedding ? Catch the latest tech trends in your weekly news round-up.

Ford's AI investment, blockchain, and the world's 1st all-cloud Olympic Games
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Share some love with your connections this Valentine's Day!
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Happy World Radio Day! still the mass media reaching the widest audience in the world

The changing face of radio
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Top 5 ways to get more women + girls into STEM ‍‍

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Your ICT trends and insights for this week.

Mobile money, Snap's IPO, Lyft surpasses Uber
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Today is #SaferInternetDay! A great day to share Online Protection tips. Here are our guidelines ➡ [ Link ] what are your top tips for keeping children safe ?
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Artificial Intelligence can transform our world and help make the #GlobalGoals for sustainable development a reality.
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There is hope that 2017 can turn the tide for life under the oceans - thanks to machine learning!

How machine learning can help protect life below water
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From out-of-home VR entertainment venues to headset technology, here's what you can expect this year.

Top trends for AR and VR in 2017
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Medical data is expected to double every 73 days by 2020 . Could AI provide the solution to all diseases by the end of the century?

AI for health: Chan Zuckerberg Initiative buys Meta startup to speed progress
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Save your seat in the future networked car at this year's Geneva International Motor Show! [ Link ]
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Would you trust a robot? Here's your weekly round-up of top tech news and insights ???? [ Link ]
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Mix shipping containers with technology to make healthcare solutions for refugees

Bringing ICT-enabled medical services to Germany’s refugees
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New ITU standards are set to improve the quality of video streaming over your devices (and your fixed-network ) [ Link ]