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We miss you George.

A beautiful tribute from Coldplay's Chris Martin.

Only at the BRIT Awards.
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LOVING your words for our ITV Longest Ever Hashtag! This is gonna be... Splentabulous?!

Keep your suggestions coming - the full hashtag will be revealed soon!

Ant and Dec Saturday Night Takeaway
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Only at the BRIT Awards.

LIVE tonight 7.30pm, ITV.
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'Going anywhere nice on your holidays?'

'No mate, I'm a dog...' ✂

The Secret Life of Dogs. Tonight 9pm, ITV.
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Here are a few more reasons to stay in! With 5 Nights of New, there's a brand new series for everyone... ❤

Starting next week on ITV.
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How did we find David Walliams as the first host of #TheNightlyShow? Here's a secret, there’s an app for that..! ❤

The Nightly Show ITV World Of David Walliams
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Have you sent your word in for our ITV Saturday Night Takeaway Longest Ever Hashtag? You'd be BONKERS not to! Get creative with your words too - we want to see pictures!

Ant and Dec
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"They've accepted that they need each other."

David Tennant and Olivia Colman on Broadchurch’s Hardy and Miller.
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Let the BRITs entertain you
Take a screenshot to reveal which Robbie Williams song you are.
Only at the BRIT Awards. LIVE tomorrow 7.30pm, @ITV
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A host a week, a show a day, a laugh a minute! The Nightly Show is coming, weeknights at 10pm.

Starts Monday 27th February, with our first host David Walliams.
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There's darkness beneath the beauty...

Broadchurch. Next Monday 9pm, ITV.
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Start Sunday night with a bhang!
The Good Karma Hospital continues tonight 9pm, ITV.
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Psst! It's time to let out your inner child!

The Good Karma Hospital continues tonight 9pm, ITV
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Hardy and Miller return.

Broadchurch. The Final Chapter. February 27th.
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Remember when brought the FIYAH? Well, tonight our coaches get down to the

The Voice UK. Tonight 8pm, ITV.
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Bright colours, a full moon, and an enchanting festival. The Holi celebrations begin in The Good Karma Hospital, tomorrow, 9pm, ITV.
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80s megastar Boy George takes a look back at his spectacular and often controversial career, while opening up about his descent into drug addiction and eventual prison sentence.

Piers Morgan's Life Stories. Tonight 9pm, ITV.
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We want The Nightly Show hosts to make themselves at home, but this might be a bit much, David Walliams....
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Our Longest Ever ITV Hashtag is looking great already! Keep sending your words to describe Saturday Night Takeaway and you could get them featured!

Get creative with them too - we want to see your pictures! Post them below or on Twitter with #HashtagTakeaway
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Here's your FIRST LOOK at Broadchurch - The Final Chapter.
Starts February 27th, ITV.