New season, same story,
All guts and no glory.
Although he’s always there to cheer,
His team is awful every year.
My queen said she was happy with takeaway and a movie, but I said “No way, bae! My famous homemade foie gras isn’t cheap or easy, but seeing the look on your face is priceless!” <3
Idk what you guys are even laughing at, you’re not funny. This group chat sucks.

*Snow Leopard has left ‘The Banter Boyz’*
Bro, you are kidding!? You gotta go a T-formation rush after that snap! He set you up for some serious reverse yardage and you’re going to try a fishhook 180 on the strong side? That’s crazy bro, just crazy…
It was a ripper weekend to throw a party,
With tunes, m8s, and snags on the barbie!
But waking up to another Monday morn,
The crew is as ragged as Dodger’s lawn.
Listen, friends; I know we've all partaken in various shenanigans at everyone else's place in the past, but that's because everyone else's place is already vile! My home is my castle! Do you have any idea how much my carpet costs?! No, of course you don't, you plebs... No parties allowed!
Yeah, nobody’s ever happy about me bailing, but who cares? I need my beauty sleep! That’s why I love going out in Sydney – everyone gets sent home nice and early! #ThanksMike
A young battler dreaming of glorious runs.
He plays, he scores, he flexes his guns!
He’s strong and assertive; he’s alert at his post.
Nothing can stop him; not even Garry the G.O.A.T.
2016 sure has been a rollercoaster, but the crew made it through together!

Wherever you are, whomever you’re with, let’s raise a Jäger to good vibes in 2017!
‘Tis the season for mates and family,
Whether gronks, legends, or in-between.
So throw the Jäger in the freezer,
And share an ice-cold shot – who’s keen?
Gotta love the enthusiasm, but Wingman doesn’t deserve that custom Jäger surfboard anymore.

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We’ve only been dating officially for a few weeks so I was pretty nervous when I offered my sweetheart a promise ring, but of course she said yes! I <3 her so much!!!! Here’s to us babe :’) <3
Night Owl is in such good form that he could open for Australia – but right now, so could just about anyone. Tag your crew of backyard heroes!
Too much sausage at Oktoberfest,
Too many lollies on Halloween.
Wingman’s rig is looking sloppy,
But with Stag’s help, he’ll be a machine.
Throwback to the crew getting amongst it at Oktoberfest this year. From Germany to Australia, it’s good vibes on all sides!
Halloween’s here and the crew just can’t wait,
But one of the boys was dressed by his date -
While the crew shreds the d-floor, frothing the hits,
Snow Leopard mopes – he’s better than this.
If you’ve got no idea about what you should wear,
Hit us up in the comments for a costume with flair.