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We make our own whiskey, but we also make our own barrels.
With every bottle of Jack there’s a story. It’s there in black and white.
When you’re a whiskey-making town, some days all you do is age.
Some filters may change, but ours always remains the same.
Jack, meet Ginger. Eyeball a highball with our improvised recipe.
Jack and cola. The perfect way to enjoy the new year.
Jack. Turning strangers into friends since 1866.
Jack had two loves in his life. One of his loves was a woman by the
name of Clara, the second was whiskey. Luckily for all of us, one of
those worked out. #JackDaniels
Enjoyed every place. Made in one.
Jack Daniel's is proud to be an integral part of bringing our troops home during the holidays.

Operation Ride Home

This Friday night, you will see us at some fine establishments, but you may also find us at some questionable joints. Cheers.
Gifts come in many different shapes and sizes. For 150 years, this one has come in a square.
Jack Daniel's Tennessee Fire. Serve scorching cold.
Frank and Jack. A legendary friendship that stretched more than a half century. To celebrate this friendship and his birthday, we are offering the exclusive Sinatra Select during the holidays for your gifting and maybe even sipping pleasure.
Christmas trees became popular about 150 years ago. As did something to put under them.
Make and shake a Jack Sour with lemon, sugar and a plastic cup. It’s not rocket science, it’s delicious. #MixologyMadeEasy #JackDaniels
Getting snowed in may be unlikely, but you’ll never regret being prepared.

Jack’s Honey Cider
2 parts warm Winter Jack
1 part Jack Honey
1 part warm tea