Lynchburg’s been dry since Prohibition. Wish we could say the same over this side of the pond. For a chance to win 1 of 5 Jack Daniel's umbrellas, tag a friend in the comments below and tell us your favorite Jack.

Comp closes 22/01. Ts&Cs apply [ Link ]

When that winter chill sets in, brush it off with a warm taste of Tennessee coffee.

Jack. A smooth sippin’ whiskey, best shared with good friends. And enjoyed responsibly.

No matter the time of year, this glass will always begin half full.

Much like our honey-blended whiskey, January is best kept short and sweet.

We may be in a dry county, during a dry month. But we’re still making Jack the same way for you, all year round.

Start every new journey with an old friend in tow. Here’s to 2017.

There’s been someone you know by name at every New Year’s Eve party, since 1866.

Unwrap a bottle of Jack yesterday? Kick back with a smooth Jack and ginger.

Keeping this iconic square shape hidden under the tree isn’t easy. But that’s not always a bad thing. Merry Christmas from Jack.

Crack into this classic holiday recipe - Egg Nog with a Jack Honey twist.

Even on the shortest day of the year, we find the time to mellow every drop of Gentleman Jack. Twice. For a finish that's twice as smooth.

Meat your holiday menu - Jack Honey Glazed Ham.

We're giving you the chance to win 1 of 5 Jack Daniel's hip flasks. To enter, tag the friend you'll be raising a glass of Jack with this Christmas.

Comp closes on 18.12.16. Ts&Cs apply: [ Link ]

Seasons change. Our whiskey doesn't.

Jack Honey over ice. The perfect way to bring old friends back together this holiday.

Make it a memorable Christmas present, even if the name on the gift tag is your own.

Our holiday traditions are made from the heart, by our own hands, in our hometown. Just like our whiskey barrel Christmas tree.

Gifts come in many different shapes and sizes. For 150 years, this one has been in square.

Jack and ginger. A toast to the holiday spirit.

Just add 1 finger of Jack, and 3 fingers of ginger ale.