Jack Daniel's UK
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Raise a glass to the woman who made you the gentleman you are today, with a cocktail perfect for the occasion. [ Bit.ly Link ]
Jack Daniel's UK
03/25/2017 at 13:00. Facebook
The start of spring calls for a refreshing cocktail. Hereโ€™s something to sip on, the Jack Collins.
Kick back, turn up the tunes and chill. Jack Honey over ice.
Last night a small venue in Guildford was filled with visceral post-punk sounds. IDLES tore up the stage at Jack Rocks The BOILEROOM with support from noise-rockers Scarlet Rascal & Space Church
Get ready for a quick fire shot โ€“ screengrab when the shot glass is full of Jack Fire, share it in the comments below and you could win this 35cl bottle of Jack Fire for you and your crew.

Comp closes 19/03. Ts&Cs apply: [ Legal.b-f.com Link ]
Each and every barrel of The Single Barrel Collection is hand selected for itโ€™s one-of-a-kind flavor. [ Bit.ly Link ]
Only the essentials.
Character. It runs in the family. Have you got a favorite Jack? [ Bit.ly Link ]
For every 100 barrels, one rises above the rest and qualifies for Single Barrel status. A reward worth savoring. [ Bit.ly Link ]
A fiery line up for your Saturday night. Whoโ€™s getting the crew together?
Jack Honey. The unmistakable taste of Old No. 7 with a Honey twist.
Nothing tastes better than a double mellowed cocktail with old friends. Introducing the Mellow Espresso: [ Bit.ly Link ]
A date on a calendar canโ€™t tell you all the things a sip of whiskey can. Jackโ€™s ready when our Master Distiller says so.
Easy mixing, smooth sippinโ€™. Whoโ€™s drinking a Jack & cola tonight?
Mr. Jack thought his band, like his whiskey, was the perfect way to bring people together. But with exuberance that often outmatched their ability, the group of townsmen and distillery workers never quite hit the big time.
Nothing beats a classic pancake stack. Unless it comes with a side of Jack Honey.
The Gentleman Jack Maple Sour. Pancake Dayโ€™s perfect partner.
Reward yourself with a whiskey worth savoring. For every 100 barrels, one rises above the rest and becomes Jack Daniel's Single Barrel. [ Bit.ly Link ]
A chilled night calls for smooth Jack Honey over ice and sweet tunes.