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yesterday at 16:54. Facebook
It’s the moment you’ve been waiting for all week. Tune in for
#GaryThePsychicGuineaPig’s playoff prediction for #NewEngland vs. #Pittsburgh
Jack in the Box
01/21/2017 at 00:54. Facebook
It’s the question on everyone’s mind. Will #GaryThePsychicGuineaPig pick #NewEngland or #Pittsburgh? Tune in on Sunday for his playoff prediction.
Another playoff game. Another unbelievable psychic prediction from #GaryTheGuineaPig. Get ready for #Dallas vs. #GreenBay.
Gary the Psychic Guinea Pig is on a hot streak. Could it get even hotter? Watch his prediction for #NewEngland vs. #Houston. #GaryTheGuineaPig
Gary doesn’t play the #odds, he makes them. Tune in this weekend for his playoff predictions between #Houston vs. #NewEngland and #GreenBay vs. #Dallas. #GaryTheGuineaPig
Everyone gets what they want. 2 tacos for Juan. 1 Jr Jumbo Jack, Fries, and a Soda for me. 4 for $4. Thanks Jack in the Box. #Ad
Who will win between New York and Green Bay? Nobody knows. Except Gary, the Psychic Guinea Pig. Tune in. #GaryTheGuineaPig
Put on your lucky socks and cross your fingers, folks. Gary the Psychic Guinea Pig is about to make his prediction for Oakland vs. Houston. Tune in. #GaryTheGuineaPig
2017 looks tasty. #NYE
In honor of #NationalBaconDay, here’s a coupon for a Bacon Ultimate Cheeseburger: [ Jbox.is Link ] VALID TODAY ONLY. And to ensure you have time to use it, here’s my latest pet project: Business Baboon.
After a long day of fighting zombies, you’ll work up an appetite. #ReleaseDay
Yeah, your mouth is watering too
On #ThanksgivingEve, we’re all thankful for a 24/7 drive-thru.
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At 1PM PST, we're LIVE on the Funny Or Die page. We're taking calls and tackling your cravings with King Bach, so tune in!
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