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Wishing Sonny Perdue good luck today. He will be an asset to this nation heading up the USDA! #gapol

Sonny Perdue, Trump’s USDA nominee, to testify in Senate confirmation hearing

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Marillyn Hewson said Trump’s involvement in the February deal was "perfectly appropriate.”

Lockheed CEO: Trump 'absolutely' contributed to F-35 savings

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Take a few minutes and say a prayer for my friend Jon Richards.

Some Goodbyes Are Shorter Than Others - GeorgiaPol

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The President is delivering on his promise of Energy Independence for the US. Let's keep up the good work Mr. President!

Oil Drops as U.S. Drilling Growth Threatens to Counter OPEC Cuts

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Thanks Rachel! Further reducing the credibility of the left-wing media!

Op-Ed: Donald Trump just got a nice victory, thanks, of all people, to Rachel Maddow

One day they say "Trump is a fascist," the next day he's slashing the role of the federal government and the left whines he's "destroying the executive branch."

I say the smaller the government, the better. The fewer steps between decision makers and the people the decisions affect, the better (local before county, county before state, state before federal).

Presidential Executive Order on a Comprehensive Plan for Reorganizing the Executive Branch

Candidate Donald Trump promised conservative Justices, President Trump is delivering on that promise...

Liberals threaten Democrats over support for Supreme Court nominee Gorsuch

Trump's 45% favorability rating doesn't look so bad next to Democrats' 36%. Hillary at 35%.

A lot of bad policy to unwind but the country is starting to believe we are moving in the right direction! 46% right direction, 43% wrong track.

Full survey: [ Suffolk.edu Link ]
Is this the Obamacare replacement bill you've been waiting for?

The Health Bill You’ve Waited For

President Donald Trump is asking Congress to look into whether the Obama administration abused its investigative powers during the 2016 election, White House press secretary Sean Spicer said in a statement Sunday.

White House requests Congress investigate whether Obama administration abused power

"While the Democrats are scrambling about Russia, Republicans are moving ahead with healthcare reform, education choice, tax reform, reaching out to unions and things like that. The Democrats have taken their eye off the ball one more time on what is relevant to the American people."