Jack Link's Beef Jerky
02/22/2017 at 23:01. Facebook
Lift some trees until your muscles feel dead, too. Then lift some more to prove to your muscles they’re still alive. #SasquatchWorkout
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What does it take to rule at workin’ out and nature? A lot. Just ask @KarlTowns then watch this video and our other videos. #SasquatchWorkout
Want to take your workout to new heights? Try Workin’ Out With Sasquatch, Vol. 2. #SasquatchWorkout #Protein #ComingSoon
Before Workin’ Out with Sasquatch, this arm only had one bicep, easily three less than it has now. #SasquatchWorkout #ExtremeResults
When you feed your muscles jerky, they smile at you and say, “Thank you for the protein. Nice job.” #SasquatchWorkout #ExtremeResults
Yes! Words to live by. Who else is totally jacked from reading that saying and is ready to go work out with Sasquatch? #SasquatchWorkout #Jacked
It's climb time! Will you be joining us at LLS Big Climb - MPLS?
Great job at the X Games today, Nolan Heppner. You crushed it, just like you crush bags of jerky. #ProteinPackedSnackPackedWithProtein.
EXPERT TIP: Lift big or go to home. #SasquatchWorkout
Today is proof that all that hard work, copious amounts of jerky and being built like a human monster truck, pays off. #SasquatchWorkout
Results! Clay Matthews III knows the right way
to get prepped for playoffs. #SasquatchWorkout #ProteinPackedSnack
Clay Matthews III, thinking about the playoffs. And also, the playoffs. But mostly the playoffs.
#SasquatchWorkout #ProteinPackedSnackPackedWithProtein
Playoff games come down to training, focus, and a bloodstream brimming with protein. #Sasquatchworkout #Protein
Both Clay Matthews III and Odell Beckham Jr made it to the playoffs. We’re not saying that it’s from Workin’ Out With Sasquatch, but we’re not NOT saying that. [ Youtu.be Link ]
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Mind, body, meat. Deadspin explains how a month of the #SasquatchWorkout Challenge, and nonstop jerky-eating build full-body musclefulness: [ Bit.ly Link ].
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Natural equipment, wild #gains. Are you up for Sasquatch’s 4-Week Workout Challenge? Deadspin breaks down the full plan that whipped Clay Matthews III and Odell Beckham Jr into shape: [ Bit.ly Link ]