Set your goals high, and don't stop till you get there.
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#Tbt Shoot with Gilles Crofta and looking forward to a massive comeback this year to reach my goals. #throwbackthursday @gillescrofta
Jaco de Bruyn WBFF Pro
02/23/2017 at 21:11. Facebook
Come and meet me at FitCon this 21-23 April! I will be at the Aesthetix Era both with the rest of the AE Team. Go checkout @fitconuk
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02/22/2017 at 19:56. Facebook
Focus on where you want to be, not where you were, or where you are.
Jaco de Bruyn WBFF Pro
02/22/2017 at 09:25. Facebook
Been a proper chef and we made some crazy new and fun recipes with @ncnhealth #prooats! Stay tuned and have a lookout for some exciting stuff soon! best way to treat myself @ncnhealth #prooats,.

No excuses, its simple and packed with nutrients! How important is the food you eat everyday, do you actually plan your daily diet! For me its extremely important and also easy! Thats why Pro-Oats...
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Jaco de Bruyn WBFF Pro
02/21/2017 at 20:00. Facebook
We lead our lives so poorly because we arrive in the present always unprepared, incapable, and too distracted for everything. Stay focused and keep your eye on your goal!
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02/21/2017 at 18:34. Facebook
BrighterWhite Teeth Whitening's Kit certainly tops the list as my favourite teeth whitener, no sensitivity and fast results - loving it!
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02/20/2017 at 17:12. Facebook
We are addicted to our thoughts. We cannot change anything if we cannot change our thinking.
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Aesthetix Era
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02/20/2017 at 09:15. Facebook
BRAND NEW FLAVOR from EHPlabs !!!!!!

Guess what it could be?

#IsoPept Zero has been scientifically formulated as the most superior post-workout supplement on the market. We have comprised the highest quality hydrolyzed and pure whey protein isolate sources to create the ULTIMATE post workout product. So, what separates #IsoPept Zero from other protein...
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Jaco de Bruyn WBFF Pro
02/19/2017 at 19:32. Facebook
We should not judge people by their peak of excellence; but by the distance they have traveled from the point where they started.

Founders of Aesthetix Era.

Jaco de Bruyn Official & Sergi Constance
Jaco de Bruyn WBFF Pro
02/18/2017 at 18:57. Facebook
Current Condition, What's Your Opinion?? ????????
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#tb Look back at where you came from and let yourself feel proud about your progress. Some of my best and most valuable memories so far in my fitness career. #throwback WBFF Worlds 2014 Las Vegas
If you fell down yesterday, stand up today.
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Repping the Aesthetix Era outfit.
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My Transformation. Never Give Up on Your Dreams.