Jade Bryce
03/22/2017 at 12:59. Facebook
Laugh it off today! ☀
If you could have any app on your phone, which would it be??
The cure all.
Here is my funny dress story for this years MMA awards & why it looks like there's a BUTT ON MY CHEST. ????‍♀ the "stylist" I hired said my dress would arrive in Vegas before I got there.. didn't happen. His pants are on fire. ????‍♀ I reminded myself that this is just a materialistic problem & not a real one.. that it didn't actually matter. I refused to let any pressure or expectations...
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Thank you @_hairbytamaravarg for styling my hair for the @fightersonly MMA awards!! Your hands & heart are magic to be around!
G fuel!
Loved on by @natashakingsbury
Thanks @mmajunkiedotcom for having me on & being open to my openness hahaha...
The best windows
Headed to USA Today MMA JUNKIE to cost Host for the next 2 hrs! You can listen/watch live on facebook.com/officialmmajunkie or youtube.com/mmajunkievideo ... If you want to call into the show, the # is 866-533-2846. The show is also heard via replay on SiriusXM channel 93 at 8pm Eastern.
Skinny jeans
Curly hair don't care ????‍♀
Love naked girl bikinis!
Ready for bikini season?!
There's nothing better than a girl that likes sports. OHWAIT. Except the best thing, a girl that's into video games. Known as

Girls Playing Video Games Speaks To Every Man's Inner Nerd

#1 Selfish Lover A selfish lover is the worst kind, because they couldn't care less if you're being pleasured or having a good time.

7 Habits Of Guys Who Are Terrible In Bed

The UFCs spent the past two decades taking over the sporting world. Americans cant get enough of MMA, with the brutal bouts and devastating knockouts. And the ring girls. Of course the ring girls. Because what would a modern-day blood sport be without a bevy of beauties walking around with round num...

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