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Jade Fairbrother
11/29/2016 at 03:50. Facebook
Let me know what you think of my rose gold playsuit by giving this post a thumbs up and leaving a comment below...

I'm just mad about it! An amazing treat from Million Mama
My number 1⃣ summer item for the season! ☝ It fits like a dream and flaunts all the right features!

A massive thank you to Jenadine Havenga WBFF Pro for this super glamorous gift - such a special gesture, you amazing...
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It was so incredible being part of the amazing Freddy South Africa launch! :D
We got to meet the incredible team behind this amazing brand while also having first option to buy the latest #Freddy range - of course that meant I had to have the limited edition #SheerShadeSummerPink cotton #FreddyPants as well as a pair of the #LightWashSummerBlue shaping effect #FreddyJeans #WRup not to mention...
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Feeling it today... That feeling.
#Mood #BadKitten #Strut #Slay

Boots from DressLily
After my third Green Peel at Lightsculpt I could visibly see the amazing results I'm having, I knew it was time to change my skin regime and take my #SkinCare more seriously.
While a #GreenPeel is a herbal peeling treatment which helps people with various skin problems to get clean and even skin I need to also be able to correctly look after my #skin between #treatments which is why I asked...
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Attitude is everything!
New day, new strength, new thoughts...
#STS #TeamSTS #SheriffVixen #TheSheriff

---> Powered by Sheriff Training Systems
---> Coached by Jack Taynton Lotter
Time to sort out these #blonde locks and have a good treatment to ensure my #HairExtensions stay in their best possible condition!
#LongHair #HairBySarah
Read this unbelievable story of my fellow athlete Sibusiso "The Kid Prodigy" Kotelo from the start to where he is now!
Up, up and away!!
#STS #TeamSTS #SheriffVixen #TheSheriff

--->Powered by Sheriff Training Systems
--->Coached by Jack Taynton Lotter
I just realized I didn't share with you my new summer dress! This is a little sneak peek of what my December holiday is going to look like... Barefoot, bronzed and barely covered!
Third herbal #GreenPeel with the amazing #aesthetics team at #LightSculpt
Really feeling pampered today!
In order to truly appreciate the distance you have come and fully comprehend the differences between then and now, you need to look back and see with your own eyes.
Nothing happens overnight, it takes time and consistency but the results will most certainly come.
I remember a time when this 'beach body' look was really appealing to me and was what I worked to maintain, but now, now that isn't...
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About this weekend...
Celebrating the last of my #BirthdayWeek at the Walkersons Hotel & Spa this weekend, it's so amazing here - spa, sun, some wine and gourmet food! ☀
I've come a long way from when I first started this fitness journey but I also know the road ahead won't be easy or always pretty, I'm excited nevertheless for what's to come and the destination I've set my sights on!
You and me coach - up up and away!
#STS #TeamSTS #SheriffVixen #TheSheriff

---Powered by Sheriff Training Systems
---Coaches by Jack Lotter - Muscle Model, Professional...
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So many amazing messages today - I really am feeling super special! :)
Guess who's turning the big 3⃣0⃣ today?
Yip, this little cracker!
Marry the one who gives you the same feeling you get when you see food coming at a restaurant ❤
Happy Monday! ☕
We're already past half way, we can do this.
Plug in the music and silence the world for a bit...
What an amazing day yesterday! This #BirthdayWeek is getting off to a great start!
Hello summer! ☀
Off to spend the day at the pool for some pre-birthday celebrations!
Any guesses where I'll be this weekend?
What are your plans?