These definitely wouldn't last long on the tree!
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We got that Friday feeling. Jaffa Cakes #mannequinchallenge
1000 Jaffa Cakes, 3 zesty tiers and 1 happy couple. The Jaffa Cake wedding cake looks #sweeet.
This Halloween... beware of The Dunker #acakenotabiscuit
Jaffa Cakes Cake Bars + Halloween =
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That feeling when you find the hidden Jaffa Cakes!
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The original is still the best #jaffagate
Who’s been craving Jaffa Cakes since The Great British Bake Off?! You need to try out our Jaffa Cakes Milkshake recipe!
Recipe: Whizz together in a blender: 3 Jaffa Cakes, 1 tbsp marmalade, as much chocolate ice cream & milk as you desire & enjoy!
We’ve been inspired by The Great British Bake Off, here’s our take on a Jaffa Cakes Ice Cream Sundae! We’ll bring the Jaffas!
Who's in the mood for a Jaffa Cakes picnic?!
Hello Summer! Here's our BBQ tip - Jafbabs!
In a galaxy jaffa-fa away..
It's Friday! Who's ready for the weekend?!
Here's our top tip this summer - frozen Jaffa Cakes with ice cream! Thank us later
Suns out, puns out! β˜€
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Happy Father's Day! Does Jaffa love run in your family? ;-)