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The motoring world as we know it is changing - and Jaguar is electrifying.

Learn more about electric technologies here: [ Link ]

Electric Vehicles: Jaguar's Future l Jaguar Stories l Jaguar UK
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XJ was the original experimental Jaguar. Offering luxury, technology and performance, from day one.
Dive in to XJ's history: [ Link ]

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The 2018 update means F-PACE benefits from an efficient new 163PS diesel derivative, which promises CO2 emissions as low as 126g/km

Explore F-PACE [ Link ]

Explore the luxury Sports SUV - Jaguar F-PACE
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XF's signature haunches now unveil a powered Gesture Boot Lid enabling you to operate the boot lid from the kerbside.

Explore XF [ Link ]

Explore the luxury Jaguar XF Saloon - Jaguar UK
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Are you sitting comfortably? XE now offers up to 18 ways to adjust the seat to ensure your driving style is catered for.

Explore XE: [ Link ]

Jaguar XE | Jaguar Saloon | Jaguar UK
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In the third FIA Formula E race of the season, watch as the Panasonic Jaguar Racing team produce a positive performance in the beautiful city of Buenos Aires.

Delivering their best qualifying result of the Championship, it was an impressive drive from Mitch Evans who finished in position 13, while Adam Carroll fought back from technical difficulties to finish in position 17.
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FanBoost voting for the Buenos Aires ePrix is now open. Show your support for Panasonic Jaguar Racing via the FIA Formula E website, here: [ Link ]

Formula E FanBoost Vote
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Designed to support your active lifestyle from the inside out.
Explore F-PACE's Interior.

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Find out 8 reasons you need to test-drive F-PACE.

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XE or XF. Which Jaguar sports car is for you?
Find out in our comparison: [ Link ]

XE Versus XF l Jaguar Stories l Jaguar UK
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Our extensive range of premium materials, handpicked leathers and sophisticated finishes give the all-new F-PACE one of the most comprehensive interior choices in its class.

Explore F-PACE from the inside out: [ Link ]

Inside F-PACE l Jaguar Stories l Jaguar UK
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Taking to the streets of Manchester in a Jaguar XJ, José Mourinho reveals what makes him tick.
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Explore Jaguar I-PACE Concept's design principles with Ian Callum, Jaguar Director of Design, and Alister Whelan, Interior Design Creative Director.
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A phoenix from the ashes. The Jaguar XKSS rides again.
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XKSS is back. One of the rarest and most beautiful Jaguars to ever exist.

Delve into its story: [ Link ]

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*Sound On* for F-TYPE. The sound of speed.
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Deep within the Gaydon engineering HQ, hundreds of technical wizards are working on making Jaguar's future even greater.
Meet The Experts: [ Link ]

Listen to the Engineering Experts - Jaguar UK
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From 'the Jaguar we've all been waiting for' to @AutoExpress's 2016 Car of the Year. The F-PACE reviews are in.

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We’ve created the space needed for you, your passengers, and your lifestyle. And for added confidence, we’ve developed driver technologies to make every journey more enjoyable. [ Link ]

Equipped For Any Journey l Jaguar Stories l Jaguar UK
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Flowing body lines, sculpted contours, pronounced haunches – New F‑TYPE's unmistakable presence leaves you under no illusion.
This is a high-performance sports car. [ Link ]