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This world is a complex, mystical and alluring place...
the hidden truths of which can be unveiled through books like these.

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'Mossad', the true story of the great missions undertaken by the Israeli secret service, still reigns on the Top 10 list, of Crossword Bookstores Ltd.!

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"Mystic’s Musings is a beautiful compilation of some of Sadhguru’s essential wisdom.”

– Ravi Venkatesan, Former Chairman, Microsoft India

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Mystic's Musings

Assassinations & plots.
Treachery & greed.
The Zamorins' court is rife with intrigue.

'The Saga of Black Gold' is available here: [ Amzn.to Link ]
So this Sunday, would you like to take a walk about old Russia?

Or maybe you'd like to have a chat with some rather talkative animals?
Or perhaps indulge in some nostalgia, with stories from time eternal?

Whatever you preference maybe, we've got you covered!

Jaico Publishing House (India)

"He who was born from a drop of Lord Shiva's sweat, exerts his power over warfare and the acquisition of land...'

Read of Mangala's (Khuja) Glory, the third of the grahas!: [ Amzn.to Link ]
Enriched with personal encounters,
from shawl merchants in Kashmir to tea-stall owners in southern India, this book examines the highs and lows of vyapar in a changing world.

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Or you can have the one we're offering you!

'Start Up Stand Up' by Nandini Vaidyanathan is available for you here: [ Amzn.to Link ]
It's #6 on the Crossword Bookstores Ltd. list!
#KathaChanakya, author Radhakrishnan Pillai's newest book, is racing up the ladder on what's hot.

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Like every fortune-hunt in history, reaching success is a brutal survival of the fittest!
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A Health & Fitness Novel Like No Other by health-expert Madhuri Ruia's Integym!

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If you missed the #RaymondsCrosswordBookAward and didn't see author Radhakrishnan Pillai winning the popular award in Business & Management category, never fear!
You can get all the details here in Bombay Times!: [ Bit.ly Link ]

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Shilpa Gupta was invited to speak at the Rotary club on 'Double or Quits', her latest book!
Looks like a keen audience!

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“After a full week of sticking to your diet, you’re allowed to indulge in one cheat meal,” says Madhuri Ruia, author of Who Stole My Calories.

Here's the whole article: [ Bit.ly Link ]
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The weightwatchers’ cheat sheet - Mumbai Mirror -

From barter systems to global start-ups.
Filled with captivating illustrations, Vyaparśāstra covers a range of business models.

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Nobody’s perfect but we can all take steps to better ourselves. Understanding our weaknesses is vital.

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Congratulations to Radhakrishnan Pillai for winning the popular award in the Business & Management category for #ChanakyaInYou at #RaymondCrosswordBookAward!

His award winning book can be found here: [ Amzn.to Link ]
Here's today's #ContestWednesday question!
It'll determine whether or not you're a true fan of Shatrujeet Nath's 'The Conspiracy at Meru'!

Good Luck!
Here's the winner for #ContestWednesday - 'From The Rat Race...'

Congratulations to Radhakrishnan Pillai for winning the popular award in the Business & Management category for #ChanakyaInYou at #RaymondCrosswordBookAward!

His award winning book can be found here: [ Amzn.to Link ]