Jake Short
02/22/2017 at 22:57. Facebook
Fun fact: this building has elevators that were built in the 1600's.

Another fun fact: I use the word "fact" in this scenario extremely loosely.
Jake Short
02/22/2017 at 00:30. Facebook
Let's hear it for the boys
Jake Short
02/21/2017 at 00:56. Facebook
Dare I insult the greatest of insult comedians?
I played an artist on TV and I understand nothing from this art museum.
While we were up here, we got 2 feet of snow. The amount of times we wiped out is incalculable. We almost died only like 3 times.
I actually only got lost once on the subway. I was pretty proud of myself.
Didn't expect the blizzard we were hit with today.
Let me tell you, I've built a lot of pillow forts, but never this big.
The Indiana ruins...from the battle of 2 kids fighting over the last Caprisun.
Second stand up show in the books! It was super nerve-racking, not as great as the first show, but it was a blast and an excellent learning experience. Thank you everyone who came out and showed support. You know who you are and I truly appreciate it. Until next time!
We made it out, but our eyes say we still belong behind bars
Found Garfield, but failed to find a good photographer. Hence the giant metallic pole in the middle of this picture.
Yes, l was concerned.
This dude has been around the block a few times. But not really...cause...ya know. He's glued to a bench.
This is colorful concrete
Took a page out of the @champagnepapi notebook and went looking for some Views.
Took more pictures trying to get his attention than I did with him. #Ididnotbuythisbirdsinsurance
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They didn't let me put shoes on for the picture
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