(From the Prime Minister) On the birthday of the Most Honourable Edward Phillip George Seaga, I am posting a tribute I made in 2012 in the House of Representatives.

We all then paid tribute to his performance as a parliamentarian as well as his achievements as minister of development and welfare, 1962- 1967; minister of finance and development, 1967-1972; and prime minister and minister of...
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From the Prime Minister On the birthday of the Most Honourable Edward
Christine Clarke
Marjorie Denton
Nichola Brown
KINGSTON, Jamaica — A Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) politician has backed charity org...
Jamaica Labour Party 05/25/2017

JLP councillor defends FFP on housing quality

Brandon McArthur Blake
Light and Life Ministries
Nicky Boss
KINGSTON, Jamaica — Prime Minister Andrew Holness has warmly congratulated Prime M...
Jamaica Labour Party 05/11/2017

Holness congratulates new Bahamas PM, French president-elect

Melita Mcdonald
Boyd A Clarke
Dwight Campbell
We will be live streaming today's #HopeForJamaica Town Hall across various channels today.

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We will be live streaming today's HopeForJamaica Town Hall across various channels today
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#HopeForJamaica #Growth #Tourism
HopeForJamaica Growth Tourism
Michael Mckz
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Patrick Henry
Weda Harty
Anything you see, check it with a grain of salt. We are not going to allow them to spread fake news, propaganda and alternative facts on what the Government of Jamaica is doing.

The truth is that we are WELL on our way for the economic growth, prosperity and job creation for the people of Jamaica.
Jullian Drummond
Rayon Lewis
Juliet Richards
We promised Jamaicans who earn up to $1.5 million dollars a tax break. This Government has kept our promise and delivered to almost 400,000 persons on P.A.Y.E more money in their pockets. This is your Government at work.
#PromiseMade #PromiseKept #MoreMoneyInYourPocket #Prosperity
Kemal A. L. Brown
More money in your pocket ! #PromiseKept #MoreMoneyInYourPocket
More money in your pocket PromiseKept MoreMoneyInYourPocket
Cavin Yahya-Jammeh Carty
Lisa-may Gilbert
Stacy Ann Pow-DeSouza
KINGSTON, Jamaica — Minister of Education, Youth and Information, Senator Ruel Reid this morning announced that $100 million has been allocated to University of the West Indies (UWI), Mona to help with financially challenged students. &ldqu ...
Jamaica Labour Party 04/19/2017

Gov't intervenes in UWI outstanding fee issue, allocates $100m for 'financially challenged' students - Latest News

Flo Ives Duncan
Roydel Zoukie Gayle
Michael Richards
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Jamaica Labour Party 04/14/2017

House passes Bill to establish Jamaica National Service Corps - Latest News - Jamaica Observer Mobile

Lance Bissent
Lance Bissent
The HEART/Trust NTA grant will add to the $2.8 billion the SLB is projected to receive for 2017/18.
The HEARTTrust NTA grant will add to the 28 billion the SLB
THE HEART Trust/NTA has increased its grant to the Students’ Loan Bureau (SLB) by 100 per cent to provide support for students pursuing technical, vocational, education and training (TVET) programmes at the tertiary level. State minister for ...
Jamaica Labour Party 04/12/2017

HEART Trust/NTA increases grant to SLB from $100 million to $200 million - News

Eitak Yrheh
Invite family and friends to join Mayor Williams at the Miramar City Hall tomorrow. #Prosperity #HopeForJamaica
Invite family and friends to join Mayor Williams at the Miramar City
Mayor of Kingston, Senator Delroy Williams is set to address members of the Jamaican Diaspora on Miramar, Florida after receiving an invitation to participate in a town hall meeting tomorrow.

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Mayor of Kingston Senator Delroy Williams is set to address members of

Kingston mayor to participate in Miramar town hall meeting - News

Des Grant
Melvin Bennett
Vassine Hardware
Mayor of Kingston Senator Delroy Williams visited more than 700 students at five primary schools yesterday, to encourage them ahead of the Grade Six Achievement Test (GSAT), which is scheduled for today and tomorrow. The mayor, who was accompanied ...
Jamaica Labour Party 03/16/2017

Kingston mayor encourages students ahead of GSAT   - News

Judy Williams
Hopeton Cranston
Rachael Graham
MHPM Andrew Holness recently sat down with @AgentSasco and @IAMTHECECILE and discussed dancehall, what can be done to improve the industry and more.
MHPM Andrew Holness recently sat down with AgentSasco and IAMTHECECILE and discussed
PO Byfield
Kerisha Fisher Forbes
Francis Babs
Yvonne Harris
Jenny Taylor
Isabella Ava
Amid the slew of executive orders by United States President Donald Trump, resulting in rising political tensions and panic among immigrants, including Jamaican nationals, earlier this week, the city of Kingston moved to strengthen its ties with the...
Jamaica Labour Party 02/17/2017

'Don't be dismayed' – Alabama mayor tells concerned Jamaicans to look to the heart of US people

Glenroy Grant
KINGSTON, Jamaica — The cities of Kingston and Birmingham in Alabama are to sign a twin city partnership aimed at strengthening municipal relationships. According to a release from Kingston and St Andrew Corporation, The official signing of ...
Jamaica Labour Party 02/13/2017

Kingston, Birmingham to sign twin city partnership - News

Glenroy Grant
George Davis
Linneth Jones