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Irie bird...

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Empress divine :)

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Feed a nation...

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Dip your hands into the foreverness of Amanda Mitchell's mind.

"I put colour to canvas and see where it takes me that particular day. I have a vague initial idea in my head, of how I want it to look, other than that my mind empties and I go wherever the spirit takes me, it’s purely based off feeling and intuition. Very artsy fartsy."

Tapping into the many frequencies of love with art

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Who would you spark this with?

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Young Kings...


Here is a spliff... take a whiff...

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Hope you love Jammin too!

Captured by @juniorteleguincho

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There's a slight hint of autobiography paired with artistry and history in the making with enbois by Maxim. Whether reframing the idea of forestation with The Haiti Tree Project or pushing the limits on fashion, Maxim's pieces embody the idea of here and now while creating a glimpse into a hopeful future. We caught up with Maxim to learn more about the brand and its vision for the future.

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Bob Marley makes me feel ______.

"Who are you to judge me and the life that I live?" #JudgeNot
by Diane Lennox

"There is no Tomorrow without Today, so live your life and have a great Yesterday.”

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Leon and The Peoples redefines the industry-made mold

There are a number of Reggae/ Rastafarian quotes that have surfaced over the years, inspiring us in varied ways. Here's a compilation of 20 quotes that are sure to keep you thinking.

Inspirational Reggae and Rastafarian Quotes to think about

Puff, puff, pass...

Watch the full video of Chronixx' #Majesty here: [ Jamaicansmusic.com Link ]
Ever wondered what life as a mermaid is like? To live freely, beyond borders as a citizen of the world? With twenty-five countries and counting under her belt, Royanne DeSilva, also known as the Jamaican Mermaid, allows her audience the opportunity to experience life through a mermaid’s eyes.

The Jamaican Mermaid: Royanne DeSilva