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Xana Romeo is an enchanting Reggae songstress poised to represent the new generation of musical storytellers with her divine feminine presence, playful melodies and captivating voice.

Born Azana Makeda Smith on August 26, 1994 in the historic Kingston community of Greenwich Town, the young reggae siren’s musical education began at a tender age under the keen eyes and ears of her father,...
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"All I want for Christmas is to stay alive, can't take the sound of the 45!" sings Tarrus Riley on a special delivery for the upcoming holiday season.

C-Sharp-member Lamont "Monty" Savory came up with the idea for the #CrimeFreeChristmas project, reacting to the ever present violence all over Jamaica. He recently told the Jamaica Observer: "I was just reflecting on the level of violence...
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Channelling the essence of Jimmy Cliff on Many Rivers To Cross, the vibrancy of Lord Creator’s Kingston Town and the showmanship of Eric Donaldson’s Cherry Oh Baby, UB40 brought curious listeners on a compelling musical journey, up close and personal with the here and now, while saluting the greats that have paved the way for today’s musical geniuses.

UB40 Embraces Vocal Tranquility with 'Unplugged' and 'Greatest Hits' Compilations

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Earth Hour 2017

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Kingston Music Week 2016

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Like many things in life looking to be defined, “art” is one that has varying interpretations. The dictionary tells us that art is a skill—in its display and application, art is an expression of creativity and imagination that produces work to be appreciated for its beauty or emotional power.

Nick Anglin’s Nuwarhol encompasses all of these traits and much more, fluently and boldly...
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Machu Ezra Music has done it again with #CrookedSmile!


#Reggae #Dancehall #Music #Jamaica

Machu Ezra- Crooked Smile Official Music Video

Official Visual. Follow on Instagram @machu.ezra Bookings at Machumusic@gmail.com

An endless love story...

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Reggae Sumfest 2017

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Meet Courtney John, the lovers rocker, that enigmatic, rare artist who comes along every once in a while, with uniqueness that simply radiates. His peers have called him a modern-day Slim Smith; some say he’s like a young Eddie Kendrick’s or even Curtis Mayfield.

Courtney John returns with 'Strangers'

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Get to know RocStar!

"Taking risk is definitely very important especially now where it's hard to say that there is a lot of creativity in music today, I think reggae is a very authentic sound and also something I've never done before so it is a big step for me to even in cooperate it in my music."

The vocal truth of RocStar

Mirroring the braggadocious persona of Jamaican pop culture while channelling modern elegance, Galavant Jewelry has craved out a niche for themselves amongst the plethora of accessory houses while pushing the boundaries of fashion over style. We recently met with mastermind Ruth Henriques for a brief interview to learn more about the brand and its vision for the future.

Galavant Jewelry: A celebratory explosion of cultural pride

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