Braced for another big week. Bring on Monday. Another day, another oppurtunity. Enjoying the grind!
The three stooges. Pick the coaches and the swimmer. #Ateam #ravenswood
To all my friends, family and Port Macquarie locals. If you suppport marriage equality and would like to know how you can help out, please see below details on an Equality Campaign event coming up on Monday.

Event is March 13, 2017 at 6:30pm - 8:30pm at
Panthers Port Macquarie, 1 Bayside st

[ Link ]
You know it's nice weather when your coach hops in the water. Another day another pool ☉
Sweet pic from this morning's sesh! Getting the hard yards done to get back to the top of the game
Monday AM - 110 laps (sounds better than 5.5km) ✔
Weekend deliveries from My Muscle Chef! My meals for the week are ready to go, so I can spend more time in the pool and less in the kitchen
Sydney summer just keeps on giving!
Hooking along. One month back in the water #slomo
Any guesses on the time? 25 metres
This is how I stayed active this off season - mixed touch football with this awesome team. Was awesome to put the footy boots back on for a few months
The boys cooling off in the harbour on a scorcher of a day ☉
7days - 50kms in the pool
Capped off with throwing some weights around
Feels good to be back
Getting hassled at the moonlight cinema. Byo malteasers
Dusk body surfing "expression session" after a big day of training. What a way to end the day?!
Getting s**t done! Just under 30kms in the pool this week and a few gym sessions. Feels good to be back in the swing of things
Taking Olli for a swim to cool off today. He loves summer as much as I do ☉
Changing the scenery to keep things interesting. A bit of sand running and surf swimming to get fit #curlcurl
Welcoming in 2017 with the crew wearing dickies and masks. Great night, now looking forward to getting back in the swimming pool!
The human jungle gym. Who needs the gym over Christmas time?!