James Stewart
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It's been 16 years since a Saturday night in Jan came and i wasn't in a stadium doing what I love. But all I can say is it won't last for long!!! Truly can't tell ya how much I'm looking forward to returning doing it my way. After months of trying to make things happen, i realize that no matter what I would do, it wasn't going to work. You keep doing the samething then it's no one else fault...
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Happy birthday to Malcolm Stewart!! Enjoy the weekend of many costunes.
Checking out my stance through my #hero5 GoPro before I hit the ole duck hook on the 18th. Sometimes things don't go right instead they go left in a hurry! Bout knock Grandma out her rocking chair in the process. I said I was sorry
What's up peeps... it's been awhile since we have spoken. Been on the grind working on a lot of things and spending priceless time with my lil one. But more on all that later. In the meantime, you see this UFO #hero5 drone @gopro has out now? The thing is mad crazy. Gots to get my hands on one of them so I can hook some new Nastiness up for y'all. It's been too long!!! So look for some new...
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Style points...

Rider A... 2 because he atleast took 1 hand off the bars

Rider B. 10 plus the maximum of 5 bonus points. 10 for the whip and the extra 5 is because Bubba loves the kids
#Seven 's New Athlete. We like to work with our Athletes from the beginning. Seven MX
Not even close to 100% on the bike but at least I got a perfect score on this quiz!!!! What score did you get?

Can You Pass the Impossible James Stewart Quiz?

The look he had while we were watching last weekend's race on tv
Because of my fans and the love and support they always show me, this is how we're gonna sleep tonight. I just wanted to personally thank you for the love. It doesn't go without notice
Back in the saddle again this weekend
Everyone I would like you to meet Tabiahs L. Stewart. Born on 7-9-16 which was last Saturday. So maybe he's trying to tell me something about Saturday's ????. It's been truly an amazing feeling to see & hold him for the first time. #lifechanging
Man... I seriously miss you guys. Haven't been on here much lately because between recovering from my shoulder and now riding again to having my first kid on verge out popping out any moment. It's been a very busy few weeks for me and I've just Been focused on my health & family. This year hasn't went well by a long shot so normally that would be stressful as a rider knowing there's a chance...
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#ReHappy Father's Day to this giant sack of coals. I love you pops!! Happy Father's Day to all the fathers out there.
The world's most innovative supercross race is coming back with a new twist for its third year.

Red Bull Straight Rhythm Hits the Lights in 2016