James Vincent McMorrow
James Vincent McMorrow
06/20/2017 at 15:31. Facebook
The 12" LP vinyl of True Care will be released on July 28, and can be ordered now.

If you want to come to one of the London shows, you can order the vinyl & ticket together as a reduced bundle.

Order here: [ Jvm.lnk.to Link ]
The 12" LP vinyl of True Care will be released on July 28 and can be ordered now
Julian Kuk
Joe Sharp
Aaron B
Last night in Charlottesville a guy in front row was holding up a poster that said "please let me sing I Lie Awake Every Night with you".

..the song wasn't in my set, but he seemed sweet, I appreciated that he took the time to make the sign (lot of marker work!) and it was a smaller show than others we've been doing lately so it felt a little more open to something like this. So during the...
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Nicolai Kjerschow
Jacko Hooper
Ky Scott
I worked on this song with the heroes All Tvvins .. it's the Jam.. out now! .. [ Spotify.com Link ]
I worked on this song with the heroes All Tvvins it's the Jam out now

Alone Together (feat. James Vincent McMorrow)

Brad Marshall
Sean Brennan Preacher Bdlemc
I want everyone who's coming to these shows to know what's gonna happen at them. If you're not going, but u know someone who is, I'd appreciate u sharing this with them ..... The show will be starting at 8.45. There won't be a support act. Instead, in essence, I will be supporting myself by playing my new album from front to back!! Then after a short intermission, we will be back out to do a...
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I want everyone whos coming to these shows to know whats gonna
Kevin McGann
Cassandra Wood
Sara Beth
Last week at a show in Dublin, a day before this new album came out, we played it from start to finish in front of a crowd who'd won tickets, but had no clue what to expect, they'd never heard the songs before. No one had. Didn't dawn on my until i walked out on stage that no one knew what was going to happen.... including me. I was so nervous to begin. Then we got to this song, it's called...
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Heather Bell
Cathal Neeson
Conor McMuffin
True Care Summer... tix on sale now...Every show on this poster that isn't a festival date is gonna be a pretty unique/special one. Instead of having an opening act at these shows, instead we are gonna kind of... support ourselves, I guess! We will be playing the new album from front to back, then after a quick interlude we are gonna come back out and do a second full set of songs from across...
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True Care Summer tix on sale nowEvery show on this poster that
Grant Wilson
Keith Tierney
Oliver Miles-Cole
My new Record is now officially out. At this point it should be out everywhere in the world. This entire process has been the funniest most exhilarating process, terrifying and exciting. I had a record in my head that needed to be made, and I needed to release it when it was still as fresh and vital to me as it might be to anyone hearing it. Last night we performed the entire album live for a...
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My new Record is now officially out At this point it should
Ann Cassels
Angela Duden
Bart Harms
Linda Dickinson
Shane William
Allie Krause
Tonight we will be performing my new record, which comes out tomorrow, from front to back. The entire show will be streaming live, here, on Facebook at 8.30 GMT. As you can see, we are putting in work on this thing, directed by Bob Gallagher and his crew.

Cannot wait to do this, this will be the first time anyone has heard this album. It's a risk doing things like this, I'm aware. Making a...
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Tonight we will be performing my new record which comes out tomorrow
Efstathia Batsaki
Kava KM
Peter Kelly
Tomorrow night in Dublin City I'll be performing my new record True Care from front to back. Tickets for the show are free, but can only be gotten by clicking the link below and signing up. Tickets will be given out in pairs. If you win someone will be in touch to give you a time and a location. The venue is a small one, the tickets will be allocated as soon as is possible, so definitely...
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Tomorrow night in Dublin City Ill be performing my new record True

JVM - Secret Show | Sign Up

James Vincent McMorrow
Danika Sugrue
Laura McCabe
This song is called True Care. It's the first song you'll hear from my new album of the same name. That album comes out this Friday, the 26th of May, 2017. Click here to play full song [ Jamesvmcmorrow.com Link ]
Keysha Cameron
Chad Jamian
James Wood
Júlia Cunha
Sophia Znk
Luka Pešun
This song is called Change of Heart, it's one of my favourites...
Jackie Bär
Tom GoDti NaChonaile
Gráinne Gallagher
These videos, isolated sounds from different songs throughout the record. I will continue to release these over the weekend at consistent intervals until you hear the first song from the record on Monday. The song you hear at that point will be called True Care. I can't wait for you to hear it. James
Connie Adams
Jillian Mulcahy
Isabelle van Vuuren
Gráinne Gallagher
Julia Ahern
Isabelle Borg
Mariana Romão
Bryce Ballard
Katie Boyle
Nino Piamonte
Katie Coulthard
Kate Freegard
Arnþór Pálsson
Nicolas Cornellier
Jean-Philippe Choquette
Emma Quaedvlieg
Melissa Connelly
Luka Pešun
Jeannie Croft