Beshak Babe Kya Khub Kaha---Zaroor Suniein
A Powerful Lesson Must Watch N Share
This is just pure evil hate.

And this is not the only case during the time of Shivraj Patil 2005

***I was forced to drink urine instead of water
***kept naked and forced to suck private parts of body (sic) of other co-accused
***Rats were poured into my trousers. Police officials were laughing and taking my naked photographs with their mobile phones
***When I was crying for help, they used...
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भाजपा को वोट न देने पर दलित की हत्या - [ Link ]

भाजपा को वोट न देने पर दलित की हत्या
Did #Muslims Made A Mistake By Saving #Jews From #Christians---please reply in Yes or NO

WATCH: Many Muslim refugees are now banned from the US. But during WWII Albania's Muslims saved hundreds of Jews from the Nazis. Here's their incredible story.

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Stop #Hating #Dalits if you consider them #Hindus

Parmatma Nafrat Nahi Sikhata
Dawah Is A Duty For Every Muslim
It's sad and shame the hate system has against Muslims

But their are good people who also do right thing

#PM #Modi who is going to return his 12 years. You were #CM and #HomeMinister at that time
Subhanallah Mohammad Subhan Aarefeen Warsi Arif Sharif Zainab Shahid Faisal Umar Umar Bahlol Khan Umar Farooq Ali Umaru