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Expose this propaganda journalist. Ask ToI to sack him and apologize! #SackRajShekharJha and should issue front page apology for fake news about missing student Najeeb.
This is inspiring when it comes to acquiring knowledge

Their is a difference between learned and educated person
If SIMI, Alqueda, ISIS are banned coz of terrorist acts then why not RSS
Children who memorise the #Quran are honoured like this in #Turkey.
We expect #Yogi to do justice if it's not Cow Beef then culprits should be punished

Three meat shops torched in Uttar Pradesh's #Hathras, police register case
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This is not good news
#CowVigilantesReturns #CowTerror
In Jaipur a hotel run by a Muslim is sealed and staff arrested over rumours that they were selling beef. Have the cow vigilantes been emboldened again? Will the government act?