Muslims performing Friday Prayers in Marina and Hindus form a human chain.
This is why Communal forces can never win in Tamil Nadu. #TheLandOfPrayer

That's why #BJP and #RSS is only in North East
If emperor Aurangzeb RA. was so ferocious a communalist, why is it, some historians have asked, that the number of Hindu employed in positions of eminence under Aurangzeb’s reign rose from 24.5% in the time of his father Shah Jahan to 33% in the fourth decade of his own rule?
***Women Muslim Freedom Fighters

Muslim women were also not far behind in violent/non-violent struggle when Shah Abdul Aziz Dehlvi RH proclaimed Jihad against the British in 1803.

Here are the names of some of those 225(estimated) Muslim women who committed their lives for the revolt.

Begum Hazrat Mahal, wife of Nawab Wajid Ali Shah who took the charge of state affairs when Nawab was...
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1965 War Hero Col Grenadier Naushad Mohammed Khan

Col Grenadier Naushad Mohammed Khan killed a Pakistani brigadier Major General Nasir Ahmed Khan, with machine gun and attack with rocket launcher also destory many pakistani tanks in battle, resistance was vital for the war. The battle of Asal Uttar.

Khan remarked that they were part of a battalion of Indian army called 4 Grenadiers...
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The swords of Hazrat Tipu sultan shaheed (RA)
Maulana Manzoor Ahsan Ajazi was a Freedom Fighter from Bihar.

He fought shoulder to shoulder against British rule along with his Hindu freedom fighter brothers.
Rare picture of our Indian freedom fighters
Yeah Kya Bewakoofi Hai