In other news... there is happiness... congratulations to the women in the movie Hidden Figures! Best picture! SAG awards!!! @therealoctaviaspencer @tarajiphenson @janellemonae amazing work!!!!!!
Makin em dab all ovah dis muuuphukah! #Dabhand #backonmyfunnyshit #standup #comicvoodoo
#Budapest New flick time...out here for next 5 in my sights... #HoodMovie
May we continue to try to uphold your legacy, a legacy of courage, compassion, humility and love for every human being no matter who they are on this planet. Speak to our spirit today, because we badly need it, because right now everybody is just mad at everybody...and that ain't how it's supposed to be... #mlkjrday #mlk
Out here in Budapest.. #snowbathing... #snowflaketanning... taking a break on set of my new flick to let y'all know Sleepless Movie is out now!!! #blacktaken please go see it and tell me what you think!!!... meanwhile I'm freezing my black ass off #sleeplessmovie
I will never forget when you became our president...there will never be another one like you. Classโ€ฆCompassionโ€ฆAnd courage!!!
How you feel when you got a hot movie bout to drop on This Friday the 13th!!! Come see ya boi kick major ass in #sleepless @gabunion @troubleman31 @realmonaghan puttin in work!!! Help us make the number 1 movie!!!...coming to you from Budapest on a farm...shooting my next film.... #Hood
Gotta set the record straight. Can't we all just get along? East coast west coast! Remember when they push and shove it's only love! #icecubevoice #backonmyfunnyshit #Slerpless this Friday the 13th!
Tell somebody!!!! #WhiteFamous Showtime Networks
HAPPY SUNDAY! First things first congrats to Taraji, Janelle and Octavia on a brilliant job in Hidden Figures, go see that! Then NEXT FRIDAY come see Gabrielle Union, TIP, Michelle Monaghan and myself kickin a whole lotta ass in Sleepless Movie. In theaters everywhere JAN 13, go check it out, if you hate it slap me! #sleepless #sleeplessmovie
I am amped about my new flick!!!... people went crazy for it at the premiere!!! So happy for you guys to get a chance to check it outโ€ฆ I wouldn't bother you if it wasn't poppin!!! Gabrielle Union @TIP Michelle Monaghan all throw down. Come check us Jan 13th!! 6 days from now!!!!..#sleepless #blacktaken Sleepless Movie
Go see these incredibly smart, beautiful and great women make history in Hidden Figures this weekend. Janelle Monรกe Taraji P. Henson Octavia Spencer. Amazing film telling a necessary and important true story!! Shoutout to Pharrell Williams. #hiddenfigures
Michelle Monaghan and I here to tell you to go see us in SLEEPLESS Jan 13. Sleepless Movie #sleeplessmovie
We got HITS The Late Late Show with James Corden! Album comin.... #BINGO #backonymyfunnyshit
Watch the whole clip, [ Link ]. #sleeplessmovie
โ€ชIncredible movie and TRUE story. Go see these amazing women Janelle Monรกe Taraji P. Henson Octavia Spencer in Hidden Figures, out EVERYWHERE today!โ€ฌ
Shoutout to my team for a solid three days out here promotin @sleeplessmovie. @justineslife @conradhiphophilton2 @shawnjanjan @daveophilly @keethetrainer @jackmanson1 @allison_garman #backonmyfunnyshit #goodpeople #sleeplessmovie #nbacountdown
Did y'all catch the The Late Late Show with James Corden? I think we got some hits.... #backonmyfunnyshit #sleeplessmovie
Just left the @sleeplessmovie premiere with my lil one, thanks for the great response!! Go see it Friday Jan 13 in theaters! #sleeplessmovie #daddydaughtertime