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Where's your favourite patrolled beach in New Zealand?! Visit DHLSummer.com to let us know and you could win 1 of 100 beach towels plus your favourite Surf Club could win a DHL Beach Canopy! Vote now
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Jamie McDell
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First DUNES show βœ”
Jamie McDell
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Would someone please just get me some gillyweed..
Jamie McDell
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Hangs with the olive trees makes good oil.
Yay for Music in Parks this Sunday! Looking forward to catching up with you there!

Music in Parks: Jamie McDell, Ciaran McMeeken, Geoff Ong +

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You can't take the sea out of the girl!
These guys.. Making me sound good since ages ago!
Happy New Years guys! Hope you're having a great night and excited for 2017! Thanks for all your support gypsy pirates!
When your mum knows you've been on an all day surf mission without any supplies so she brings you strawberries!
Making song things! Filmed this one on photobooth for old times sake.
Strapped for cash? A little Christmas prezzy inspiration...
You guys go, I'll just stay here.
A couple of shows you can head along to over summer if you're in area! Really looking forward to these ones, come say hello before I leave to visit Nashville!

Caroline Bay Carnival: [ Carolinebay.org.nz Link ]
Music in Parks: Jamie McDell, Ciaran McMeeken +
Matamata Concert By The Lake: [ Concertbythelake.co.nz Link ]
Lucky to spend some time and sing some songs in this magical place!

More on my instagram: @jamiemcshark
A little bit salty, a little bit burnt, a lot happy.
'I got coconut daze and I really don't feel like talking, I've got a colourful brain and I really don't feel like walking, so take your innocent eyes and your green screen lies just take it all away from me'
'Coral and colours I like, moonlight that swallows the sky, this is the silence I need, he said it would come and its come back to me' - Songs between surfs.
I took this picture at Balian and I want to start off by saying that it's been one of my favourite spots to visit so far and this image should not discourage you from going there (see previous posted image). It is not news to many people that Bali/we has/have a plastic waste problem. It is wet season here at the moment which means the rain rinses all the garbage out to sea. Then onshore winds...
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