Who's been enjoying #RioCarnival festivities this weekend?
They'll continue long into the evening if you give Food Busker's Spicy Spatchcock Chicken a bash!
This isn't just any Mac N Cheese, this is Padella Pasta's POSH Mac N Cheese
Jamie Oliver & Alex French Guy Cooking's BIG Brunch Pancakes with bacon and avo are ideal the Saturday before #PancakeDay
Bring the essence of #RioCarnival into your own home tonight with Jamie Oliver's classic Brazilian Fish Stew - Moqueca
In celebration of Rio Carnival and all our wonderful Food Tubers in Brazil, we're sharing some of favourite Brazilian recipes

Jamie Oliver's Food Tube

On tonight's menu, how about this Seabass & Lemongrass Noodle Bowl
Greg Marchand from Frenchie Covent Garden is LIVE with us, showing you how to cook Chicken, Asparagus & Vin Jaune Sabayon. Greg is also talking about Jamie Oliver and UKHarvest's upcoming #UKCEOCookOff event - it's going to be EPIC!
JamieOliver's easy Bolognese recipe is a great excuse to get the family round the table tonight. Plus you can pack in the veg!
Anna Hansen from The Modern Pantry is LIVE with us, showing you how to prep an artichoke. ???? Anna will also be talking about #UKCEOCookOff which is raising money for UKHarvest!
You've got just ONE WEEK until #PancakeDay!
Don't let it crepe up on you - it's flippin' time to get practicing! Jamie Oliver's one cup pancakes are a good place to start...
We're LIVE with Chetna Makan cooking up Paneer Masala Wraps
Just. Look. At. That. We want Afternoon Tea at Barbecoa Piccadilly ASAP!
Book your visit here: jamieol.com/FTBarbecoaPiccadilly #BarbecoaPiccadilly
Nourish yourself on the inside and out with Tim 'Livewire' Shieff Official's Mixed Bean Chilli with Avocado #MeatFreeMonday
Classic Carbonara baked in the form of a cake....it's like Jamie Oliver read our mind and made our dream come true. Who else saw this on #FridayNightFeast? ????
What's your favourite thing about a roast pork dinner? Ours is the crackling!
You just can't beat the smell of fresh bread wofting through the house on a Sunday! Jamie Oliver's simple recipe can help those of all cooking abilities produce a deliciously fluffy loaf!
jamieol.com/MakingBread #ad
What's your favourite calzone filling? We love Jamie Oliver's Mushroom and Spinach recipe - plus it's EASY which helps!
The lovely Katie Pix's healthy baked beans will make your Saturday morning, trust us
Gennaro Contaldo COOKING SOOOOO GOOOOOD! Get the family round the table tonight and plan for the weekend whilst enjoying his hearty lasagne
We're LIVE at Jamie Oliver's Fifteen with Head Chef Robbin Holmgren cooking Quail & Wheat Grain Risotto. We're also talking about #CEOCookOffUK which Robbin's taking part in, raising money for UKHarvest