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Jamie's World
yesterday at 11:25. Facebook
i went to Antarctica by the way
when you turn 20 and realise you're going to be alone forever
Auckland! Final signings tomorrow! So crazy. Thanks to everyone who has come to the other ones! It was sick to meet you all :)
SYDNEY! Come say hey tomorrow!!
just landed in Rio. ready for womens gym comp. flips and stuff thats me. this is for my country
Practicing my moves for my virtual dance off with Macklemore on Sat 9th July. If you haven’t heard already, Sydney Meet & Greet is this Saturday from 12pm – 1:30pm at the Optus store in the Macquarie Centre.
Oh, and you’ll have a chance to win Macklemore tickets too! See you there?
Helloooo! See you there hopefully! Btw sorry about my hair, face and just life lol [ Bit.ly Link ]
watching a scary movie then not being able to sleep

watch the full video here [ Youtube.com Link ]
just because i don't know the answer, doesn't mean i'm not listening teachers. check yourself before you wreck yourself. but respect your teachers because they're your educators

watch the full video here: [ Youtube.com Link ]
when old people sass you cause they're old

watch the full video here [ Youtube.com Link ]
there's boys wearing their pants low, then there's boys wearing their pants ..low

watch the full video here [ Youtube.com Link ]
when high heels are a mish. if you want to see the full video, check it out on my YouTube channel [ Youtube.com Link ]
Just drowning in the bath wbu. Follow me on Reflex "jamiecurry"! It's finally out on the app store: Get it at reflexapp.co/download
When mum tries to give you the lecture and you're a spoiled brat