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Jamieson Vitamins
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With all the press tours and commercial shoots, Jay knows 2017 will be his busiest year yet. He takes comfort in knowing that no matter how hectic his schedule gets, Jamieson Essentials™ can help keep him healthy. Learn more: [ Bit.ly Link ].
Jamieson Vitamins
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Don't let the colder months leave you feeling blue. Read our mood boosting tips.

5 Ways to Ward Off the Winter Blues

Jamieson Vitamins
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Do you ever feel like there are too many options to choose from? Well, good health shouldn't have to be complicated! That’s why our team of experts developed Jamieson Essentials™, the four products most Canadians would benefit from supplementing with daily for optimal health. Learn more: [ Bit.ly Link ].
Jamieson Vitamins
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Wouldn’t it be great to escape this winter chill to a beautiful, relaxing retreat in the sun? Well, we’ve turned your dream into a reality! Learn how your select Jamieson purchase could win you a dream vacation for two! And hurry, you don’t want to leave Jay hangin’ on the tennis court too long: [ Bit.ly Link ].
Jamieson Vitamins
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In case you missed us on Breakfast Television Montreal this morning, visit [ Btmontreal.ca Link ] for your chance to win this awesome Jamieson prize pack!
Jamieson Vitamins
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If you’re like most Canadians, you may not be getting your required daily amount of magnesium. Here are some surprising ways magnesium can help improve your overall health and which foods you can add to your diet to boost your intake.

Leslie Beck: Why you need to mind your magnesium intake

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Does your morning routine look this complicated? Like this if you can relate.
Jamieson Vitamins
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We’re already more than a week into January, are you still going strong with your New Year’s resolutions? Registered Dietitian Diana Steele shares her tips to make 2017 your healthiest year yet. Watch video: [ Bit.ly Link ].

Top 5 Nutrition Essentials For A Healthier You in 2017

Jamieson Vitamins
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…that you can do it in your sleep

A resolution so easy to keep

Need some snack inspiration that won’t break any of your resolutions? Try Registered Dietitian Michelle Latinsky’s five minute nutrient-packed quinoa balls that’ll help boost your energy levels. Watch video: [ Bit.ly Link ].

Improving Your Baseline Health

Getting healthy can be easy, but so can saving. Take $2 off your purchase of any Jamieson Essentials™ product. [ Bit.ly Link ].
You may have heard that this cold and flu season will be one of the worst ones yet. Prepare yourself to fight those contagious bugs with these helpful tips:

Defend yourself against colds and flu

Does your exercise resolution have you working up a sweat just from trying to figure it out? Like or share with a friend if you can relate!
Did you miss Registered Dietitian Michelle Latinsky on BT Toronto this morning? Here’s your chance to catch her delicious (and easy) nutrient-packed recipes to help fuel your day! Watch video: [ Bit.ly Link ].

Nutrient-rich recipes to fuel your body in the right way

True or false: Vitamin D is harder to get during the cold winter months. Find the answer in the article below and learn everything you need to know about the "sunshine" vitamin.

Know Your Nutrients: Vitamin D

Getting healthy doesn't have to be complicated. Make your daily vitamin routine simple by choosing Jamieson Essentials™. Learn more: [ Bit.ly Link ].
Vitamin D has made headlines again. A new study out of Finland suggests that a deficiency in this important nutrient may be the cause of chronic headaches.

Vitamin D deficiency in men can increase the risk of chronic headaches

The holidays are officially over, which means cookies for breakfast just won't fly (sigh). Here are some easy ways to get back on track.

Post-holiday recovery

With this cold winter weather, wouldn't you rather be somewhere else? Here's how your purchase of select Jamieson products could win you a trip for two to Florida! [ Bit.ly Link ]
81% of Canadians agree that their New Year's resolutions fail because they are too tough to attain. Here are some tips to make your resolutions easier to achieve.

3 Easy Ways to Make Your New Year’s Resolutions Stick