No one in the library noticed we were torturing ourselves... [ Link ]

Silent Library
OWWWWWW! this one hurt...

silent library coming your way tomorrow...
Here's ANOTHER NEW VIDEO! "You Wouldn't Do It" [ Link ]

You Wouldn't Do It (public video)
Our new song "One More Time" is now out on iTunes!
Camping was fun!
Snippet of our new song, "One More Time"!
January 9th... NEW SONG!
Insta sluts
how i put 12 pairs of socks in the wash & only get 3 socks back?
me at the beginning of every year
Getting ready to take over 2017! Stay tuned...
NEW VIDEO!!! #JanoskiansLateChristmas [ Link ]

3L Rainbow Milk Christmas Tree
Taking it back
nice nips beau
So after 3 years, we have decided to upload a brand new Q&A video!!! Also, if this video gets 15k likes on YouTube, we will release ANOTHER video! [ Link ]

Janoskians Question and Answer 2016