Our new song "One More Time" is now out on iTunes!
Camping was fun!
Snippet of our new song, "One More Time"!
January 9th... NEW SONG!
Insta sluts
how i put 12 pairs of socks in the wash & only get 3 socks back?
me at the beginning of every year
Getting ready to take over 2017! Stay tuned...
NEW VIDEO!!! #JanoskiansLateChristmas [ Youtu.be Link ]

3L Rainbow Milk Christmas Tree

Taking it back
nice nips beau
So after 3 years, we have decided to upload a brand new Q&A video!!! Also, if this video gets 15k likes on YouTube, we will release ANOTHER video! [ Youtu.be Link ]

Janoskians Question and Answer 2016

Hey check out our new video: "Don't Cringe" [ Youtu.be Link ]

Don't Cringe