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An excellent, thoughtful overview of our Beyond Godzilla film series by Ed Halter for 4Columns. Kicks off tonight 3/24 at 7 PM with a rare screening of Ishiro Honda's THE H-MAN on 35mm!

Japan Society Film

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We're screening excerpts from the documentary-in-progress QUEER JAPAN in conjunction with our A THIRD GENDER exhibition! Explore the lives of Japan's LGBTQ+ quiet radicals in an exclusive preview of this much anticipated film, featuring appearances by filmmakers Graham Kolbeins and Anne Ishii.

Queer Japan with Graham Kolbeins & Anne Ishii

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From Uniqlo's iconic logo to a towel revolution, Sato Kashiwa is one of the world's brand strategist supremes. Our event tonight is SOLD OUT (waitlist starts 1 hour prior), but here's a terrific profile from Nippon.com (English) with Sato describing his process! More upcoming events Japan Society Talks+: [ Japansociety.org Link ]

Creative Director Satō Kashiwa: An Eye for the Iconic

Meet Pepper, the world's first humanoid robot that can sense human emotions. Participants at our March 28 event will get to interact with Pepper at a wine and sushi reception. Pepper is already being used by the hospitality industry in Japan and there are plans to launch soon in North America.

Meet Pepper: The World's First Humanoid Robot That Reads Human Emotions

Stay safe and warm in this wind, ice and snow! We're closed today and all events are canceled, but here's an image from our A THIRD GENDER exhibition anticipating warmer days ahead! [ Japansociety.org Link ] Image: Kitagawa Utamaro (1753–1806), "Party in Front of Mount Fuji", ca. 1790. Color woodblock print. Royal Ontario Museum, 926.18.242, Sir Edmund Walker Collection. Courtesy of the Royal...
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"Tea provides an opportunity for self-reflection [and] for deepening human relationships. It's also an escape from the everyday," Sen So'oku told The Wall Street Journal. He's here tonight 3/13 to talk about how Japan's ancient tea ceremony can adapt to 21st century life! [ Japansociety.org Link ]

A Tea Ceremony for Today | The Wall Street Journal

Today we remember the lives lost and those still affected by the March 11, 2011 Great East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami.

Over 120,000 evacuees remain 6 years after Great East Japan Earthquake - The Mainichi

"The art in the exhibition ranges from lively snapshots of daily life to uninhibited portrayals of desire." A THIRD GENDER opens today Japan Society Gallery!

When Japan Had a Third Gender

Happy #InternationalWomensDay! This woodblock print from #AThirdGender celebrates the prowess of woman-warrior Tomoe Gozen from the Japanese epic The Tale of Heike.The inscription playfully reads, “Even if you are very strong, you cannot defeat a man. In the home of [samurai], women should not ride on a man’s body. If, however, you pressed a man with your strength, most men would be crushed to...
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On March 8, 1854, U.S. warships anchored at Kanagawa. Less than a month later, Japan opened to the West for the first time. Mark the occasion with the start of Japan Week NY today. Among regional foods, travel opportunities and all things Japanese culture, a Zen garden will be installed in Grand Central Terminal for the occasion! And stop by Japan Society Gallery where the A THIRD GENDER...
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A giant zen garden will be installed in Grand Central this week

"Amusements in a Samurai Mansion—Male Youths as Actors, Escorts or Outcasts in Early Edo Art" -- one of several compelling related events around the opening of A THIRD GENDER: BEAUTIFUL YOUTHS IN JAPANESE PRINTS opening Friday March 10!

John T. Carpenter: Amusements in a Samurai Mansion

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We're celebrating Hinamatsuri Doll Festival today with children and families! Here are instructions on how to make your own origami hina dolls.

Origami Hina Doll Instructions | Japan Society

Join us this Sunday, March 5th for our annual Doll Festival! Decorative dolls, internationally-recognized koto artist Masayo Ishigure, crafting and more! [ Japansociety.org Link ]
It's freezing in NYC but spring is in the air and on the stage here this weekend! Nihon buyo dance performances March 3-5, plus Hinamatsuri Doll Festival on March 5: [ Japansociety.org Link ]
Iconoclast tea master Sen So'oku comes to Japan Society March 13 to talk about the tea ceremony, one of Japan's most admired traditions!

Sen So'oku: The Subtle Art of the Japanese Tea Ceremony

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