Hey y'all! If you aren’t watching KINGS OF CON you’re missing out. Tonight you get to see Jensen, Misha and me yuking it up with Rob Benedict and Richard Speight. We’re REALLY great on it (). It will blow your mind. Rob is awesome too. (is that good Rob?…what’s that? Lindsay Sloane is in it? Oh man she’s cool. And Ike Barinholtz? Ok, now you’re messing with me. For real??) Just...
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Comic-Con HQ

I have beard-envy of my sons... (and, no, that's not The Lorax...). Happy New Year!!!
Happy New Years from some Padalecki boys. Here's to a GREAT 2017!!!
Come visit us in the BRAND NEW upstairs space at San Jac Saloon on 6th and San Jacinto!! :)
I like to bring rainbows with me to close out the year... :).
If for NO other reason than simply to get to see Misha Collins dressed like an elf... #LOVE

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Time is almost up to join the fight and continue to spread the #LOVE [ Facebook.com Link ]
I #LOVE this video. [ Vimeo.com Link ] Love, love, LOVE! Stop whatever you're doing and watch it. Then watch it again. Then JOIN THE CAUSE at [ Bit.ly Link ] ... thank y'all for making this life such a special one, where we can help change lives. #akf #spnfamily


Tom and Shep really can't get enough of my sisters new book!! And, as a parent, i LOVE the message!!! Yall can still get your own in time for the holidays on Amazon!! It's a GREAT gift for your kids and nieces and nephews!!
Oh nothin... just chillin in my trailer tryin to spread some #LOVE ... JOIN THE CAUSE!!! [ Bit.ly Link ] #spnfamilyvalues #spnfamily #akf
Hey #SPNFamily. Jensen Ackles, Misha Collins and I wanted to give you a LOVE campaign update and introduce you to our friend Wes. With your support we were able to make good on a promise. Thank y'all. [ Bit.ly Link ] #SPNFamilyValues
We've all been through A LOT in the last 24 hours!! And we all need a good laugh... so watch this!! And then come see the whole Supernatural gang this weekend at Creation Entertainment's convention in Burbank this weekend!! [ Youtube.com Link ]

Sincere Espresso


Thanks to Live With Kelly for letting me come crash your set yesterday! It was a lotta fun :). Now, to all you Americans 18-and-over out there, GET OUT AND VOTE!!! #spnfamily #akf
Y'all ready for some great television?! Find out how this happened to my good friend Sam Winchester on tonight's brand new episode of #supernatural !!! #spnfamily #akf
Here y'all go!!! For all you other "Venatores" out there, exorcize your demons with this awesome spakling!! SO happy to have been able to do this with my sister, Megan, and the great fellas over at Nocking Point. It's in SUPERNATURALLY limited quantities so buy yours now!! I know I will be :) [ Nockingpointwines.com Link ]
It's been a great 12 seasons of #Supernatural but I don't want to be pigeon-holed in the role of Sam Winchester. So, I will ALSO be playing the role of Castiel for a few episodes. I've been working on facial expressions with Misha Misha Collins and I think it's going pretty well. What do YALL think??? #spnfamily #akf
Finishing our #FAHYB campaign with a photo from the beginning! Only a FEW HOURS LEFT left to get your represent.com/jaredjensen gear!!! #akf #lyf #iae
And they can also be worn sideways!!! LAST DAY EVER to support represent.com/jaredjensen #akf #spnfamily