Hoda Kotb’s father passed away suddenly when she was in college. Since then, Kotb had always wondered if he saw her success and knew how much he meant to her. Today she got those answers. Grab your tissues!

Host Breaks Down On Live TV When Late Father Comes Through To Speak To Her

This uncle wanted to make his reading of ‘Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?‘ to his baby niece Margot as entertaining as possible, and decided to change his voice to do the trick.

Uncle Puts On Scary Voice For Story Time, Niece Can’t Stop Laughing When He Starts Reading

Brandon passed away at the age of 18 from a heart defect. In the days following their son's death, Shawn and Deanne were asked what they thought of "the video."

"What video?" The grieving parents had no idea what everyone was talking about. But then they sat down at the computer.

Teen Boy Dies, But Then His Friends Tell Mom And Dad ‘There’s A Video Online You Should See’

Scrappy started life as a cute but ordinary black kitten. Now, at age 19, it's hard to believe this is the same cat.

Man Adopts All-Black Little Kitten. 7 Years Later, His Fur Begins To Change

A 25-year-old woman was blasted to death by a shotgun while performing on stage moments after she refused to dance with a drunk wedding guest. The shocking video has emerged from the Northern state of Punjab in India. Kulvinder Kaur who was two months pregnant was shot in the head with a 12-bore dou...

Pregnant dancer is shot on stage after she refused to dance with a drunk guest

Doctors were shocked when baby Evan was born with thick white skin that cracked across his face. They'd never seen a case so severe. Now, five years later, Evan lives with a disease that requires a ton of daily care. But wait until you see what his parents have to say about their firstborn son.

Baby Is Born Covered In Thick White Scales. 5 Years Later, Doctor Has Never Seen A Face Like His

Caught on tape by a fellow passenger, after searching the train for a seat, a tired mom finally finds a seat in the first class section. She sits down with her infant, only to have the woman next to her tell her she's not welcome in that car.

What do you think of this treatment of this mom?

Exhausted Mom Finds Seat On Train, Then Woman Beside Her Screams She Can’t Sit In First Class

Wait for the moment Mama realizes that not only is she safe and sound, but her adorable babies are right behind her...

Heartbroken Mom Misses Her Puppies, But Has No Clue They’re Standing Behind The Crate

Celeste’s baby girl was kidnapped at the hospital when she was 3 days old. Every year, the family would celebrate their missing daughter’s birthday. 17 years later, Celeste’s daughter noticed a girl in her class looked just like her. Celeste called the police, and a neighbor’s shocking secret was finally exposed.

Mom Finds Out Neighbor Kidnapped Her Baby Girl 17 Years Ago, Forgives Her Anyway

Diamond suffered from excessive facial hair ever since she was 15. Always too scared to see a doctor, she finally faced her fear and discovered why she was growing a beard.

Woman Says Her Beard Ruined Her Life, Then Goes On Live TV To Find Out What The Cause Is

When rescuers spotted little Belle's eyes and ears, they wasted no time rushing her to the nearest vet. This is unbelievable.

Unloved Dog Is Covered In Strange Bumps — Then Rescuers Realize They’re Hundreds Of Ticks