Jason Mraz
01/18/2017 at 19:40. Facebook
Jason Mraz
01/17/2017 at 18:13. Facebook
I thank you for the opportunity to work and surrender to song, night after night, all around the world... In life, the soul grows curious and longs to know itself. - Why am I here? What is my purpose? - Music - like photography - or cooking - is one of the many creative paths we can take to place ourselves in the care of a creator; for peace, for knowing, for happiness, for the benefit of...
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Feeling cold this winter? But are you as cold as ICE!?

Behold, my favorite people wearing Renaissance clothing.
Live Art by Moon Scribe. Happy New You.
One day in December 1995, my parents put up their fake Christmas tree. It was a beautiful tree, trimmed with heirlooms and tack, topped with an angel wearing tinsel for a comet’s tail. Fake trees provide a familiarity year after year – especially ours.

The front of our house faces a highway in Mechanicsville, and it’s traditional to place electric candles in the window to accent the home with...
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Ha ha ha your ho ho hos with a little comedy from We Are Thomasse and my friend Billy Galewood.

May your daze be merry and bright.
Dear #HamiltonElectors,
Please Legalize Gay Pot.
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Holidazed, a playlist by Jason Mraz on Spotify

Oh, the wait was so worth it... [ Youtu.be Link ]
I'm Yours. [ Youtu.be Link ]
aaronglasson's art shows a river divides the kind of world we're giving our next generation. What side are you on? [ Instagram.com Link ]
Aiming for truth
Sorry for the cutoff. My phone froze and drained the battery very quickly. There is little cell service out here. It is very remote. But very peaceful.

Meaning: the prayerful resistance camps are occupying peacefully. It is the authorities who are stacking their vehicles on burial grounds and acting violently against the protestors. So sad to see profit protected and not the people.

I will...
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A message from Standing Rock
W/ Jackson Browne & Joel Rafael in rehearsals for Standing Rock. #istandwithstandingrock
Jen Rosenstein Photography