Jay Hardway
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I ❤ San Francisco
Jay Hardway
02/23/2017 at 19:42. Facebook
When you play that one track by Darude
New music, super excited about this one! 'Scio' will be available March 13.
Getting ready for a photo shoot in a brand new episode of 'A Day With Jay'!
Coming soon...
Touchdown Kuala Lumpur
Had an amazing time in Austria this weekend! See you again soon!
Can't wait to share all the new music I've been working on
Thinking about making a career switch to become a chef Check out the video on my YouTube channel
Thanks brother Hardwell for inviting me to your 300th episode of Hardwell On Air!
: UBERcut
Where in the world should I play in 2017?
Is dabbing still a thing in 2017?
My kind of après-ski
Sorry for not posting that much, I'm too busy enjoying myself over here ⛷
Taking a short holiday break. I'm gonna be back soon with new music