Jay-Jay Harvey
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Cuba was incredible, like no place I have been before. It's behind the times in terms of currency, technology and architecture and so many other things, but that's all part of it's charm. You won't see any billboards or advertising here. They have been shut off from the outside world for so long but are embracing tourism.
The government owns and controls most of Cuba, but Cubans are happy with...
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Jay-Jay Harvey
01/17/2017 at 07:40. Facebook
We went to Grand Cayman because it was only a 45 minute flight from Cuba and we had heard it was beautiful. It was!
It's famous for having off shore bank accounts for the rich and famous and even though the island is less than 200 kms squared, and has only 30 000 residents, it has over 600 banks!
They speak English, the tap water is drinkable and all facilities are available. But it is quite...
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Jay-Jay Harvey
01/17/2017 at 04:36. Facebook
We spent four nights in Montage Bay and LOVED it!! We were warned that some places in Jamaica are not very safe, but Montego Bay is fine and tourist friendly. We stayed at an all inclusive resort called Sandals, but our room was in the old end of the resort, so was quite dated. The rest of the resort was beautiful and the facilities were fantastic.
We hired a car and drove to Negril, which is...
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Jay-Jay Harvey
01/12/2017 at 04:51. Facebook
I can't wait to get home to my computer so I can show you more pics and tell you about our amazing holiday. We have one more day in Houston , Texas and then we fly home. I miss my son and my puppy and my house and my friends and my radio show! Back on air Jan 23 FYI.
We are leaving Jamaica Mon, and we are so sad. The people here are the BEST! We will have to come back one day.
Last night I got dragged up to dance by one of the resort staff and it was so embarrassing. The moves I learned on Dancing with the Stars are long forgotten. Now I'm back to dancing like an Aunty at a wedding. #awkward (Watch for Dom's cameo too)
Live from Jamaica!! The resort staff can dance! (Sorry, I was holding my phone sideways)
Went for a road trip in Jamaica today!
It's a bit out of the way, but if you ever get the chance to go to Grand Cayman Island, do it! It's so beautiful. Only 60 000 residents and less than 200kms sq. so much to do and see. I haven't had time to do it all.
My view this morning
A sunset takes two minutes in Cayman Islands, but you can see it in 15 seconds here!
Hi team. I'm still away on holiday but wanted to share this video. We got a digital lock from Yale New Zealand and it's amazing! No more keys! Watch to see how it works. Bonus - I can lock Dom out when he's in the dog box! Want to win a $5000 entranceway makeover, including the Yale keyless digital lock? Go to [ Yalelock.co.nz Link ]
Happy new year!!!! Dom and I are in Havana, Cuba and it is incredible!! You would love it! NYE spent smoking Cuban cigars, drinking Havana Rum and dancing to the live performance of Bueno Vista Social Club. So cool.
2016 sucked a little bit for me, and I know it sucked a bit for a few of you too, so let's hope that 2017 brings us joy, Love, peace, and happiness.
Warning, I'm on holiday and will probably be showing off over the next couple of weeks because I'm going to some interesting places. Cuba, Jamaica and Cayman Islands. I can't wait to explore!!
Today is a sad day!!!
I can't remember every crying over a celebrity death before, apart from Princess Diana's. I CAN'T BELIEVE GEORGE LEFT ME!!!
I hope you have a really good festive break. Thank you for being such lovely, supportive and engaging friends this year. I'm lucky to have you!
I'm going on an exciting overseas adventure so I'll post lots of cool pics from there. (Cuba! Jamaica! Cayman Islands!)
I would love to see your holiday highlights too.
Take care and good luck for 2017. Let's hope it's our best year yet!
My stunt sort of backfired!
Aw, this is so rough! Fans are wondering if Camila left Fifth Harmony because she never got the High Five she wanted. One fan has put together a compilation of clips from various interviews and public appearances showing Camila being left hanging for a high five numerous time. Watch the video here...

Did Camilla leave Fifth Harmony over high fives?

This is my mate Stephen from Dunedin. You can read all about him in my book Life on The Edge. (Pg 146) If you have a copy of my book, upload a photo of you with it and I will put you in the draw to win $500 cash for christmas!! Winner will be drawn Wednesday and the money will be in your account overnight!
(You can buy my book on the Shop Now button)
Give yourself a pussycat this christmas!!!
I have a really good friend in Hamilton who has asked me to share this message with you. Do you want to help?
"A couple of years ago we started a rescue for cats and kittens. We do this from our house and while we originally said no more than 20 we currently have around 170 animals in our care (thankfully not all in the house as we have some...
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