Jay-Jay Harvey
03/26/2017 at 07:59. Facebook
Kanye and I doing our best blue steel duck face to help create awareness that The Whio duck on our $10 note is in danger of extinction. We need to protect them! Here’s how you can help in an easy and fun way… take a photo of your duck face and post it on the whio forever website! #whioforever #Sponsored

Pucker-up to win a whio wilderness experience.

Jay-Jay Harvey
03/22/2017 at 05:20. Facebook
I love music festivals and there's a new one coming soon in the FOREST. This looks incredible! It's ORO17 in Woodhill Forest, on April 8 with Underworld!
I’m going and I want you to come too! To win a double pass, Like Oro 17 Music Festival & tag the friend you would take in the comments below!
Whaaaaaattt!? This is a surprise! My next career may have to be a Travel Reporter!
OMG Bachmojis!! Download free from the app store!! The Bachelor is on Three this Sunday night. wahoooooo!!
[ Threenow.co.nz Link ]
A close work colleague of mine is going through a tough time with his family after the floods last week flowed through his house, destroying everything. He and his wife have a 5 year old son and a new born baby and were under insured. If you would like to help them get back on their feet (they have to stay in a motel for now), check out their page here [ Givealittle.co.nz Link ]

Help The Connellan Family - Givealittle

The ultimate example of laziness
Hmmmmm, the forecast and my view don't match
Dom attempts to rescue the car......
What happens when you don't put your car in Park when you park it.
Lorde's new song Green Light is HOT!!! Watch the video here...

Lorde drops official music vid for her new song #Green Light

The Edge Yacht Party was so much fun on Sunday! And my dog Kanye The Pup took a liking to Aaron from Geordie Shore
We are at The Edge Yacht Party!
Dom met his God Son Jordon yesterday for the first time since he was a baby! Awwwww! (Baldrick was Dom's nickname at the time)
My boy is home from school for the weekend and we are catching up on how much he's grown in three weeks!
I'm strangely excited about this.... The Edge Afternoons with Jono, Ben & Sharyn are in LA at the moment and ran into Courtney Stodden at the airport. She said HELLO to me!!! You can't deny, she is a very fascinating person!
Happy Valentine's Day! Who's bouquet do u like best?