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We love being understated. But sometimes more is more!

Especially when it comes to these bright-hued Chanderi sarees paired with the most lovely Benarasi cotton blouses. Topped with a hint (or a whole lot of gold of course).

All we need now is an excuse to shine. Where would you wear these standout finds?

Shop the collection here [ Goo.gl Link ]
We love being understated But sometimes more is more
Sujaya Narula
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It's difficult to take your eyes off this, isn't it?

This beautifully carved paan daan and betel nut box set is quite the collectors piece.

It does so many things - evokes nostalgia, leaves us in awe of the craftsman and of course makes us want to eat our favorite paan!

We might not be great makers of paan but we can totally imagine these on our coffee table as great conversation...
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Jaypore 05/24/2017
Premila Pounde
Mehvash Haider
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Blouses like you've never seen them before.

In brilliant contemporary silhouettes and earthy prints.

Jaypore's fresh new collection of blouses will make you want to wear a saree all day everyday.

Launching tonight at 8 pm IST on
Blouses like you've never seen them before
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Have you heard of Indonesia's rainbow village?

Kampung Pelangi was a slum with dilapidated buildings till it got a super makeover. Now the houses look like someone poured buckets of paint on them!

The colors and the happy faces are the best thing you'll see today!

Images via , , and
Priyanka W Shahheydari
Laura Smith
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Let's talk about making a statement!

Take your trusty white button down or effortless kurta, add a stunning thread and silver necklace (or add many) and get ready for all eyes on you.

Shop these conversation-starters here [ Goo.gl Link ]
Lets talk about making a statement Take your trusty white button down
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The 400-year-old craft of Bagh printing. Re-invented by Jaypore.

With this fresh new collection, we dip into the soul of Bagh printing and give it a contemporary spin.

Printed in Bagh using traditional wood blocks and natural dyes, the motifs are placed in new, interesting ways. The separates thus are both of-the-moment and rooted!

Explore the collection here [ Goo.gl Link ]
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Dragons carved out of brass, motifs hand-painted.

These Tibetan teapots in breathtaking colors are a beautiful representation of the region's history and stories.

PC: Marcio Parente, Fivehundredpx
Dragons carved out of brass motifs handpainted
Sanjeeta Ahmed
Kavita Sandeep Thakur
Pinky Dutt
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"Sometimes all you need is a little splash of color."

Delightful phulkari dupattas and potlis available here [ Goo.gl Link ]
Jaypore 05/20/2017
Manjula Rao Gunturi
Monika Chauphla
Nisha Sharma
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Sometimes, all you need is a little (or a whole lot of) silver!

These ornately carved bangles and cuffs will launch tonight at 8 pm IST.
Sometimes all you need is a little or a whole lot of silver
Nidhi Sharma
Kamla Ravikumar
Fakhra Sultana
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Have you ever attended a music concert at a 300-year-old venue? Or at a UNESCO world heritage site?

Once you see these breathtaking performance venues from around the world, you'll want to start making that itinerary!

Amphitheatres, ancient monolithic formations, exquisite architectural wonders - attending a gig or two here is a sensorial experience like no other.

Have you been to any...
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Have you ever attended a music concert at a 300yearold venue Or
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We have a very important question: how many gol gappas is too many gol gappas?

PC: southasianbridemagazine.com
Jaypore 05/08/2017
Jyothirmayi Rallapalli
Akanksha Manchanda
Seetu Patel
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"Jewelry is like the perfect spice - it always complements what's already there." - Diane von Furstenberg.

One of a kind, these exquisite silver pieces are up to 15% off. Shop here [ Goo.gl Link ]
Jewelry is like the perfect spice it always complements whats already there
Preeti Dua
Pinky Dutt
Anju Katiyar
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The sun is shining and our Annual Summer Sale is here!

Up to 50% off + extra 15% cashback on exquisite handcrafted apparel, jewelry, accessories and so much more.

Explore here [ Jaypore.com Link ]
Jaypore 05/19/2017
Monika Chauphla
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That time of the year when the fiery gulmohar tree shows off. Have you spotted one in your neighbourhood yet?

PC: bibitbunga.com
That time of the year when the fiery gulmohar tree shows off
Champa Dasmahapatra
Kavita Pujara
Simran Chohan
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Have you tasted the best mangoes in Delhi?

Hand-picked, naturally-ripened from trees that are 150 years old! These are from the orchards of Mahmudabad, one of the oldest estates in Uttar Pradesh.

Now you can devour them by placing an order with the estate. And you'll be in for a royal surprise.

Once you place the order, the mangoes are delivered in artisanal baskets, handmade by women...
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Have you tasted the best mangoes in Delhi
Harsh Singh Lohit
Yasmin Sadiq
Kamruddin Mohd
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Did Mughal queen Noorjehan introduce it to India? Or was it the nawabs of Bengal?

The stories about the origin of Chikankari are many. What we all can agree on though is that this magical thread craft is perfect for summers.

Just like Jaypore's fresh new apparel collection - breathable, elegant and with many stories.

Shop here [ Goo.gl Link ]
Did Mughal queen Noorjehan introduce it to India Or was it the nawabs of Bengal
Deepa Tikyani
Ruchi Garg
Manisha Chadha
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When a chair is a work of art!

Awash in ikat; painted with love; embroidered with silken threads.

Let go of boring upholstery. Because we're giving you new reasons to lounge.

Can you pick a favorite?
When a chair is a work of art Awash in ikat painted
Matreya Hughes
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We've found a way to deal with the sun!

You'll float in these dresses and kurtas and feel five degrees cooler.

The cotton's so soft; the colors so soothing; the block prints so rooted. What's not to love?

Shop them here [ Goo.gl Link ]
Weve found a way to deal with the sun Youll float in
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A Hindu wedding without a kanyadaan.

Where ceremonies were performed by a female priest.

Ashay Shahasrabuddhe and Shivada Chauthaiwale from Nagpur decided to change the rules at their marriage recently.

They skipped what they call "hypocritical rituals" that treat women as objects.

We can't stop cheering for the couple. And you?

Jaypore 05/16/2017
Neera Bhargava
Jayanti L-k
Nila Dera
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The sun, the sand, the unending ocean.

That's where we want to be when we look at these super fun bags with pom poms, tassels and a whole lot of color.

What could be more delightful you ask? They start at Rs 600!

Shop the ones you love here [ Goo.gl Link ]
The sun the sand the unending ocean Thats where we want to