My vday was lit❤ sold out show and spending the day w my family, band family, and friends.. what more can I ask for?!! I'm filled up w L❤VE!!
And some days when I don't believe my own lyrics.. not feeling beautiful or any types of bomb. Feeling more like bad graffiti than a Mona Lisa. I wake up and @brik.liam 's dope self posts this not knowing how much I needed it!❤ forever grateful to anyone who believes in me, supports my dream and lifts me higher!! have an awesome day❤
I won't. I promise #onwardsandupwards
We were kids just starting out 9 years ago @cgb.xxvii!! Happy bday Chaunc! Love u❤❤
I've been smiling and laughing all day for the past couple days. Loving my family, friends and just my life! Feeling so blessed and grateful for everything God has done and will continue to do for me❤ gn
Tonight was much needed w my boys @marquette21 @joelogic215 ❤
How my mom says happy birthday to my lil brother @jdsullivan12 I'm really cracking up! Happy bday bud! u really r the best of us! Love u too much❤❤
One of my fave old performance pics! Hey @dev_trout ❤
@marquette21 forced me to @ his jacket. But me and Lil mama thinking it's more of a pillow since ain't no DAMN ARMS! #bts ❤
These three words @its_treway praying for a speedy recovery!❤⚓. #tb singing, nervously backstage with one of my heroes! EVERYTIME I sing w him feels like the first. Ill never take these moments for granted. ❤
AHHMAZING job!! The whole cast was perfection! #neweditionmovie
#tbt I was surrounded by loved ones this weekend. That's all that really matters❤ #grammys2016
"I do not wish women to have power over men; but over themselves." — Mary Shelley #womensmarch
Bts. LA.
Thank you!