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Make a statement with my new metallic liquid lipstick "No Tea, No Shade"
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A lot of people are afraid to say what they want. That's why they don't get what they want.
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We create our own destiny. Don't be afraid to put in the work. ❀
Walking into your ex's funeral like...
Say hello to my metallic Velour Liquid Lipstick shade "NO TEA, NO SHADE"
Introducing the #ANDROGYNY eyeshadow palette.... ✨ Launching in MARCH. 10 jaw dropping shades. This is my version of a "neutral palette" but with a twist.... sneak peeks and shade reveals coming soon! ✨ #jeffreestarcosmetics #androgynypalette
#NoTeaNoShade my new metallic liquid lipstick is perfect for the New Years! thank you all for showing these so much love!!!
Say hello to my "DREAMHOUSE" metallic liquid lipstick.
Enjoying this perfect view all week here in #Maui ✨ Hope everyone has an amazing holiday weekend! Nathan and I are sending love wherever you're at in the world!
I'm ready to get pregnant...
Introducing my purple/burgundy hybrid metallic #velourliquidlipstick shade "No Tea, No Shade"

LAUNCHING 12/26/16 @ 10AM (PST) #jeffreestarcosmetics #youbetterwerk
Introducing my gold blonde metallic #velourliquidlipstick shade "Pussy Whipped"

LAUNCHING 12/26/16 @ 10AM (PST) #jeffreestarcosmetics #youbetterwerk