Hey Jelly Belly fans, thanks for being the sweetest!
What’s the most exotic flavour you can think of for a jelly bean?
Like this post if you want to try Tropical Mix. We combined flavours like Cantaloupe, Cherry Passion Fruit, Coconut and Mango together into one assortment. Yum!
Some Jelly Belly jelly beans just go together, like Bubble Gum and Strawberry Cheesecake or Cotton Candy and Very Cherry. What is your favourite combination?
For adults with style, our Cocktail Classics are non-alcoholic with delicious tastes. Can you guess what flavours are inside?
This mix is full of delicious flavours such as Coconut and Crushed Pineapple. Do you know what this mix is?
Like this post if you want to play BeanBoozled this weekend, and tell us who you’d like to play it with!
Our Jewel Collection is perfect for your next party. Favourite flavours with a hint of shimmer.
We take our ice cream with Very Cherry on top. How about you?
Time for a flavour battle! Do you prefer Orange Sherbet or Green Apple?
Who can name the most flavours that you see here?
It's National Popcorn Day! Like this post if your favourite flavour is Buttered Popcorn.
Happy New Year Jelly Belly fans! We hope you have a sweet start to 2017.
This is how we get ready for the new year at our Jelly Belly factory. See any flavours you like?
Happy Holidays from all of us to you!
Time for a Christmas flavour battle! Which do you like more: Red Apple or Green Apple?
Guess who's already waiting for Santa?
Jelly Belly beans make great edible decoration, especially on cookies! Which flavours would you put on a cookie?
What Jelly Belly jelly bean flavours would you want waiting under the Christmas tree?
The best decorations are the ones you can eat!