Jelly Belly
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Who else is feeling playful now that Spring is here? #springtime #jellybelly #mixedemotions
Jelly Belly
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Feel the Flavor with our NEW Mixed Emotions Jelly Belly beans! Happy = Lemon, Playful = Sour Apple, Sizzling Cinnamon = Grumpy, Orange Crush® = Love, Berry Blue = Sad. Which flavor are you? #mixedemotions #jellybelly
Jelly Belly
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You can always have S’more Jelly Belly beans in your life! Can you guess which Jelly Belly beans can make a classic campfire S’more? #jellybelly #smores #campfire #classic
The Jelly Belly Cycling Team training for the upcoming season in Southern California.
Happy first day of Spring! Celebrate with these adorable Jelly Belly Butterfly Cookies! #butterfly #firstdayofspring #jellybelly #cookies
We are celebrating St. Patrick’s Day with a little green. What’s your favorite green Jelly Belly bean flavor? #jellybelly #stpatricksday #luck #green #potofgold
Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day by trying our Key Lime Cheesecake Swirl Squares topped with Lime Jelly Belly beans.
We’ll show you how we did it: [ Link ] #jellybelly #stpatricksday #recipes #cheesecake
Happy Pi Day! Celebrate with one of our unique pie recipes. #piday #jellybelly #pierecipes
Make Monday better! Share a smile with someone you know by tagging them in the comments below.
Don't forget to set your clocks for Daylight Saving tomorrow! #daylightsavings #jellybelly #springforward
Can you find the delicious Caramel Corn Jelly Belly jelly bean hidden among the Stinky Socks jelly beans? SHARE and challenge your friends to see who can find it! #games #jellybelly #stinkysocks #caramelcorn #challenge #findthebean
Challenge your taste buds with the wild flavors of the BeanBoozled Challenge in the NEW Throwback Edition! CAUTION: Contains ALL the flavors you might have missed from BeanBoozled Editions 1-3, plus some current favs! Who will you trick first? COMMENT and let us know! #beanboozled #prank #candy #game
Which do you prefer? Jewel Grape or Orange? LIKE or LOVE and let us know!
We heart-ily wish our fans a Happy Valentine's Day!
Who would you share a brownie with?
Jelly Belly

Photo and recipe by Hello, Cupcake! For more recipe ideas, visit [ Link ].
Get ready for your “Gal-entine’s” party tomorrow with Champagne, Cotton Candy and Strawberry Cheesecake Jelly Belly beans! Would you add any other flavors to the mix?
Jelly Belly jelly beans + petit fours = The perfect Valentine’s Day treat. Which Jelly Belly beans would you put on top?

Photo and recipe by friends at Hello, Cupcake!

For more recipe ideas, visit [ Link ].
Which Jelly Belly beans would you send to say “I love you”?
We’ve fallen in love with these Love Bug Cupcakes with Very Cherry Jelly Belly beans! Link to the recipe is below.

Photo and recipe by Hello, Cupcake!

For more recipe ideas, visit [ Link ].