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Costa Rica, bout to get into it ????
Costa Rica, bout to get into it ????
On a planet of seven billion people with a range of tastes, beliefs and political views, it’s quite endearing to know that all heterosexual men can agree on one thing: boobs are pretty awesome. Humans are the only mammals to have fully-functional mammary glands all year round, and we’re incredibly g...

The Most Attractive Breast Size Has Been Revealed
Fresh blonde makes me a happy girl! Thanks to my babe @thestylistcrystal @purnamastylelounge seriously the cutest most chill little salon I've ever been into! Go check them out!
Holy mother of gawwwdd am I ever excited to get my teas from @teablendzofficial a local Canadian company I may add! The hydrate is an unreal green and white tea that is great for giving your skin a boost of hydration and is also a saviour for beating a hangover! Fuck all those other big brand teas, support local and check @teablendzofficial out! Use my promo code JENNAMARSHALL to get 15% off...
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You can't touch yesterday so why let it touch you? Learning to let go is one of the hardest things to do when we've been so conditioned to try to fight for what we want, sometimes what we want isn't what we need. Embrace the flow, move with the changes and be present in the moment. Life's a lot happier when you don't have any expectations ❤ photo by @mikepradofoto hair by @jetonfashion