Jennette McCurdy
03/25/2017 at 20:32. Facebook
guys I did my first tough mudder! 10 miles and a bunch of obstacles that made me feel like i was gonna die. i didn't die but I did scrape an elbow and use a lot of colorful language.
let's not and say we did
I use postmates ALL THE TIME, whether I'm at home late working, on set and don't like the catered food (what a diva!!), or hanging at a friend's place (literally last time I spent the night at Miranda's I ordered just a sleeve of Oreos from the grocery store hahah.) Download the @Postmates app and use code JENNETTE to get $50 in FREE delivery credits!
Thanks to my team :)
styling: @karenraphael
makeup: @nicolewalmsley
hair: @jacquilynnicole
my lady dove hosted a magazine cover event yesterday and it was so fun watching her shine. tag somebody you're proud of
sex object
Fun shoot today with an all-star team!!
Shot by @alekandsteph
Styled by @karenraphael
Makeup @nicolewalmsley
Hair @jenb_hair
Suit: @OlcayGulsencollection
Button up: @gstarraw
get close enough to read it!